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Alexander Trunk

Professor, Director of the Institute of East European Studies of Kiel University, Germany

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Biographical details

2 February 1957 - Born in Nuremberg/Germany; married, one son.

1977 - 1982 - Study of law in Munich and Geneva (Switzerland); assistant at the Institute of International Law - Comparative Law -, University of Munich

1986 - Second State Exam in Law

1990 - Doctorate thesis on Lugano and Brussels Conventions (University of Munich)

1997 - Habilitation on German and Comparative Cross-Border Insolvency Law (University of Munich)

Since May 1998 - Full professor of Civil Law and East European Law at the University of Kiel, Director of the Institute of East European Law.

Since 1998 - Head of the Kiel branch of German Association of East European Studies

1999 – 2002 and 2008 – 2010 - Chairman of the Center of East European Studies of Kiel University

Since 2007 - Co-Chairman of the German-Russian Law Institute

2008 – 2011 - Scientific coordinator of the multilateral research project “Foreign Investment Law in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia” (funded by the Volkswagen Foundation)

2010 - 2012 - Dean of the Law Faculty of Kiel University

Since 2011 - Vice President of the Law Association of Schleswig-Holstein

Since 2012 - First Vice-Dean of the Law Faculty of Kiel University

Since 2012 - Scientific coordinator of the multilateral research project “Law of International Trade in the Region of Caucasus/Central Asia” (funded by the Volkswagen Foundation).


Teaches Eastern European law (in particular with regard to Russia), German civil and civil procedure law including insolvency law, IT law, conflict of laws.

Organization of several international conferences in Kiel and abroad: Security rights in movables in Eastern Europe (1998); Building and construction law in Eastern Europe (1999); Reform of the law of civil and economic procedure in the CIS (2000); Judicial and administrative cooperation in the Baltic Sea Area (2002); ADR in the Baltic Sea Area (2003), Recent tendencies in international insolvency law (2004), Russian private international law in the European context (2004), Russian and German Company Law (2006), German and Chinese 2 business law (2006), Foreign investment law in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia (2008 – 2010), Law of International Trade in the Region of Caucasus/Central Asia (2013), Legal Aspects of the Relations EU-Russia (2013), et al.

Initiator and responsible organizer of the program “Law in the Baltic Sea Area” at the Law Faculty of Kiel University, establishing cooperation between law faculties in all countries of the Baltic Sea Area. Initiator of the creation of the German-Russian Law Institute, Responsible organizer of the Kiel Center of Eurasian Economic Law (KEEL),

Supervisor of doctoral dissertations on comparative law by young scholars from several East European countries including CIS countries (usually in cooperation with a co-supervisor at a partner university in the respective country) as well as dissertations on East European law by German Ph.D. students.

Regular scientific and teaching cooperation with several universities in Eastern Europe including the CIS region (Almaty, Baku, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Kaliningrad, Kiev, Moscow, Riga, Saratov, St. Petersburg, Tartu, Vilnius and others), e.g. by teaching (in Russian, English or German), holding joint seminars with East European colleagues and students from several countries and writing joint publications.

Experience in attracting funding and administration of structured research projects with German and international partners (universities, research institutions, international organizations, German public authorities, international law firms). Funding has been granted, in particular, by German Research Foundation (DFG), German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Volkswagen Foundation, Robert Bosch Foundation, ZEIT Foundation. Volume of acquired funding since 1998 ca. 1,5 Mio €.

Regularly serving as an expert on East European law, in particular Russian law and the law of other CIS countries, in state courts (Germany, Austria, The Netherlands) as well as in arbitral proceedings. Experience as arbitrator.

Member of the editorial board of several law journals, mostly on East European Law or law journals edited in Eastern Europe (Osteuropa, Osteuropa Recht, Review of Central and East European Law, International Insolvency Review, Jurisprudencija (Vilnius), Rossijskij Ezhegodnik Grazhdanskogo i Arbitrazhnogo Prozessa, Rossijskij Juridicheskij Zhurnal).

Numerous publications on German and comparative civil law, private international law, law of civil procedure including arbitration, insolvency law.

Foreign languages: English (fluent), Russian (fluent), French (fluent).