1.13. Usability. The Modern Interface of Law

Wednesday, May 19
09:00 - 10:00

Channel 4
Open Access Live Stream

Track: 1. Smart Society
Discussion session

The general legal criterion of certainty, clarity and unambiguousness of a legal norm derives from the constitutional principle of equality of all before the law and court, since such equality can be ensured only if the legal norm is understood and interpreted uniformly*.

* Ruling of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation of November 14, 2005 No.10-P


Transformation of law following the transformation of social relations is a new challenge and trend of the digital world. The reason for this is the enormous flows of information, which the state, business and citizens have to deal with. And in order to avoid getting lost and drowning in them, we need clear and convenient rules and navigation.

Business requires stable rules and procedures. Consumers want clear policies and convenient tools for exercising their rights. We are all interested in quality regulation and accessible justice. This forms the demand for user friendly law, law in the broad sense, effectively applied here and now.

How can we achieve legal certainty without compromising the quality and diversity of legal regulation? Isn't it time for the legal environment to become more human-centered? These questions will be discussed by lawyers who want to be understood and by business experts who want lawyers to be understood.


Anna Kostyra

Managing Partner, LEG-IT


Artem Podshibyakin

Head of Legal and Compliance, INDITEX Russia

Olga Shepeleva

Head of the ‘Digital Law’ Project, Center for Advanced Governance

Mikhail Stetsenko

Associated Partner, LEG-IT

Yuriy Strofilov

Founder of S10.run Platform, Saint-Petersburg.ru Media Platform and Spbnews PR-Agency

* The Programme may be subject to change