8.6. Electronic Visa: International Background, Prospects, Opportunities

Thursday, May 20
13:45 - 14:45

Channel 4
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Track: 8. Culture. Education. Sport. Tourism
Discussion session

Dizigitalization nowadays affects all the spheres of the modern world: law, economics, politics, culture, sport, tourism, etc. This tendency makes it much easier for citizens to receive various kinds of services. In touristic sphere now, there is a possibility to issue an e-visa for foreign tourists planning to visit Russian Federation for business, cultural and touristic purposes. It helps to increase a tourist flow to Russian Federation and improve the economic, cultural and social life of the country.

The introduction of an electronic visa is an effective way to promote Russian tourism in modern environment.

The possibility of issuing electronic visa shows the intention to develop international cooperation. In addition, it is safer for people because the process makes personal visits to consular departments unnecessary. Thereby it helps to avoid the risk of COVID-19 contamination.

The session will cover the following issues: countries, which have the possibility to receive an electronic visa, the procedure of issuing an electronic visa, the period of processing and issuing an electronic visa, the period of validity of an electronic visa.


Ekaterina Shadskaya

Director of the North-West Regional Branch of the Russian Union of Travel Industry


Sergey Korneev

Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development of Saint Petersburg


Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development of Saint Petersburg

Full State Counsellor 3d class, Saint Petersburg.

Graduated from the Law Department of St. Petersburg State University, Candidate of Law. Majoring in Private International Law, the EU legal system and the legislations of the EU members.

1992 – 1996 – lecturer at the North-West Academy of State Service under the President of the Russian Federation.

1996 – Director of the North-West Regional Branch of the Russian Association of Travel Agencies.

1997-1998 – public advisor to the Chairman of the Committee for Youth Affairs, Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Government of the Leningrad Region.

1998 – Chairman of the Regional Council of the Russian Association of Travel Agencies (RATA – since 2001 the Russian Union of Tourist Industry Enterprises). Reelected Vice-President.

2002 – Head of the working group on tourism under the Envoy Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the North-West Federal District.

2007 - 2012 – Advisor to the Vice Governor of St. Petersburg, municipal deputy.

2012 – 2013 – Director of the Department of Tourism and Regional Policy of the Russian Ministry of Culture.

2013 – 2014 – Deputy General Director of the Olympics Transport Directorate.

2014 – Advisor to the Minister of Culture.

2014 - 2018 – Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism.

2017 – received the highest award in the sphere of tourism given by the Ministry of Culture for the contribution to the development of tourism in the Russian Federation.

Tatiana Sharshavitskaya

Deputy Chairperson of Committee for Tourisms of Moscow


Ms. Sharshavitskaya graduated from the Law Faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

She was trained under the program ‘Innovations in the development of public programs’ in the Moscow School of Management in Skolkovo, and the program ‘Territory of growth: development projects for urban districts and municipal districts of the Moscow region’. Also she completed training under the additional professional program “City Projects” at the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education ‘The Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation’.

She had been working in the media business, dealing with legal support of activities and development issues as Deputy General Director for Legal and Administrative Issues.

Held senior positions in government organizations.

Currently works as Deputy Head of the Moscow City Tourism Committee.

Sergey Perminov

Senator of the Russian Federation, Representative on Behalf of the Executive Body of the Leningrad Region


Born on September 16, 1968 in the city of Leningrad.


Educational background:

In 1995 graduated from the Adyghe State University;

In 1999 graduated from the North Caucasus Academy of Public Service (lawyer).



2000-2012 – Advocate at the St. Petersburg City Collegium of Advocates;

2008-2010 – Representative of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg in the Qualification Commission of the Bar Chamber of St. Petersburg;

2012-2013 – Head of the Legal Support and Control Committee of the Leningrad Region;

2013-2015 – Vice-Governor of the Leningrad Region – Chief of Staff of the Governor and Government of the Leningrad Region;

2015-2019 – Vice-Governor of the Leningrad Region for Domestic Policy;

From 2019 – Deputy Secretary of the General Council of the All-Russian Political Party «UNITED RUSSIA»;

From 2020 – Senator of the Russian Federation, Representative of the executive authority of the Leningrad Region in the Federation Council.


State Awards:

2021 - Medal of the Order «For Merit to the Fatherland», 2nd degree.

Ruslan Golubovskiy

Deputy Director of the Consular Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation


Graduated from Moscow State University in 1999. Since 1999 has been in the diplomatic service. In 2019 was appointed Deputy Director of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

Andrey Ermak

Secretary of Tourism of the Kaliningrad Region

Andrey Ignatyev

President of Russian Union of Travel Industry


Place of birth: MOSCOW

Date of birth: 06/12/1964


1987 – graduated Moscow State Aviation University as Mechanical Engineer;

2011 – received PhD in economics

Professional experience:

1990 – 1996 – cofounder and director of group of tourist companies

1996 – 1997 – Adviser to the Chairman of the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Physical Education and Tourism

1997 – 1998 – General Representative of the GFCT of Russia in the USA. Director of the Russian National Tourist Office in the USA

1998 – 2000 – General Director of the Russian Tourism Company with the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Physical Education, Sports and Tourism;

2006 – 2012 – Consultant to Russian company VFS Russia

2012 – 2018 – Business Consultant to global international company VFS Global.

2012 – 2018 — business advisor to VFS Global.

March 2020 – present — president of Russian Union of Travel Industry.


1995–2009 headed some of the largest non-commercial organizations in the Russian tourism industry (NTA, ASTOR, ATOR and etc). As a member of a council of experts took part in the creation of the law regulating tourism.


For participation in the creation of a regulatory framework for the tourism industry has twice been awarded Certificates of Merit by the Russian Parliament and by the Russian Tourism Agency. He has also received a commemorative medal from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


In 2012, Mr. Ignatyev founded the international volunteer initiative Dadobro.com

Pavel Burtsev

First Deputy Head of the Passenger Transportation Department of the RZD (Russian Railroads)»

Evgeny Tchaikovsky

Chairman of the Committee for Culture and Tourism of Leningrad Region

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