2.6. Fight Impossible to Forgive: Psychology of the Parties to the Corporate Conflicts

Tuesday, May 18
17:30 - 19:00

Channel 4
Open Access Live Stream

Track: 2. Legal Profession
Discussion session


‘Fight impossible to forgive:’ the outcome of a corporate war depends on the correct placement of punctuation marks. Almost always, the seed of a corporate conflict lies in the latent psychological motives and attitudes of the parties. It is possible to achieve a mutually beneficial conflict settlement by determining these motives and behaviour models of the parties. Only the lawyers, who are able to see what is hidden, can resolve a dispute quite successfully. This is what makes them different from all others.

As part of the session, the leading lawyers in the field of corporate dispute resolution, will discuss with a top psychologist the main psycho-types of participants in corporate wars, tools for influence, and throw the light upon the constructive and destructive behaviours. We all remember: the best battle is the one that never happened.


Alexander Tsypkin

Writer, Member of the Board of Directors of Vertical Capital


Vladimir Aleshin

Head of Criminal Law Practice of the 'S&K Vertical' Attorneys at Law

Alena Bachinskaya

Attorney — Counselor of the S&K Vertical Attorneys at Law

Maria Brazgovskaya

Psychologist, Gestalt Therapist

Natalia Kolerova

Attorney — Counselor of the S&K Vertical Attorneys at Law

Dmitry Pavlov

Partner, A1 Company

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