3.8. Immunity to Crisis

Wednesday, May 19
14:00 - 15:30

Channel 1

Track: 3. ESG. Investments
Discussion session


In 2019, the role of the 'Legal Tools Practiced in VEB.RF While Solving the Tasks Provided by the Executive Order Signed by the President of the Russian Federation 'On National Goals and Strategic Objectives of the Russian Federation through to 2024' was discussed within the framework of the St Petersburg Legal Forum.

Over the time since our last meeting, in addition to implementing the objectives VEB.RF faced, the Russian Government has launched a reform of development institutions, setting a unique precedent: under one roof of VEB.RF as coordinator there are very different entities, from a private fund to a state-owned corporation. Each of them has its own 'legal DNA' which allows them to solve the most complex tasks and use unique products to meet national development goals. The regulatory framework for these products is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the market and the government. It is very important that the regulatory framework creates the most effective and up-to-date tools possible, taking into account both the needs of the development institutions' functions and, in particular, the participants, partners and consumers of the projects implemented. Flexibility, clarity and best practice of such legal instruments is a pressing need of today's reality for which coordinated rule-making activities of all parties to legal relations are important and VEB.RF is the main generator of such initiatives in close cooperation with all the development institutions.

The panelists will talk discuss:

How does reform affect the work of development institutions? Will there be a synergetic effect of their convergence? In what direction must the development institutions improve in order to perform their tasks even better? How much use is made of the existing legal instruments? Is the level of immunity to the crisis high, having been vaccinated by the law?


Igor Krasnov

Chief Legal Officer, Head of Legal Unit, VEB.RF


Daniil Algulyan

Deputy Chairman — Member of the Board, VEB.RF

Nikita Gusakov


Yuriy Korsun

Deputy Chairman — Member of the Board, VEB.RF

Konstantin Parshin

Vice President, Executive Director of the Information Technology Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation

Azer Talybov

Chairman of the Board, EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA

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