1.4. Over the Next Five Years, Robots Will Replace Lawyers. Myth or Reality?

Tuesday, May 18
15:00 - 16:00

Channel 2
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Track: 1. Smart Society
Discussion session

LegalTech market in Russia is not yet among the world leaders, and there is a simple explanation: in most cases, lawyers are very conservative in their views and are not yet ready to fully rely on algorithms.

At the same time, it is impossible to deny that technology becomes pervasive in the world of law, as more and more legal departments and firms are implementing digital solutions in their work. Many of our colleagues have already seen that the proper use of AI technologies makes it possible to significantly increase the transparency and efficiency of most standard processes. AI technologies have come into our lives to free professionals from the routine and give an opportunity to devote more time to creative and substantive tasks. 

You do not know how to get rid of daily paperwork and routine tasks? Tired of hundreds of identical contracts, lawsuits, powers of attorney, and other documents?

Join the discussion, we will tell and show how to increase efficiency of your standard processes and reduce the time for creating documents from hours to minutes or even seconds!


Sergey Pereverzev

Chief Legal Officer, MegaFon PJSC


Anna Kareeva

Senior Lawyer, LEG-IT

Anna Kostyra

Founder – Managing Partner, LEG-IT

Sergey Pepeliaev

Managing Partner, Pepeliaev Group

Anna Serebryanikova

President of the Big Data Association, Managing Partner at Nlogic


Anna is the President of the Big Data Association, Deputy general director of USM Management she is in charge of digital projects and interaction with the government authorities, Head of the working group 'Information Infrastructure' of the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization Digital Economy, Founder of nlogic.

Since September 2018 she has been the President of the Big Data Association, the main goal of the BDA is creating conditions for the development of the market and big data technologies in Russia while respecting the interests of citizens, business and the state.

In December 2018, she joined the USM Management. Up to this point, from 2016 to December 2018, , Anna was the Chief Operating Officer of MegaFon, responsible for infrastructure development, innovative development of the company, implementation of the digital economy program, and testing of new technologies.

Anna is also the founder and managing partner of the tech company nlogic, which develops solutions based on artificial intelligence technologies, a member of the Board of GLONASS UNION, a member of the Board of Directors of the Media and Communication Union of Russia, a co-chairman of the Committee on the Digital Economy of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and a member of the Expert Council under the State Duma Committee on information policy, information technology and communications.

Anna worked at MegaFon from 2006 to 2018 and went from chief lawyer to chief operating officer. Prior to joining the company, from 1998 to 2004, Ms. Serebryanikova worked at the Non-Profit Foundation for Enterprise Restructuring under the Ministry of Finance of Russia, as well as at the international law firm J.P. Galmond & Co.

Anna Serebryanikova is one of the key persons in the development and implementation of big data and artificial intelligence technologies in Russia and a recognized expert in the field of digitalization of business and economy. As the Head of the working group 'Information Infrastructure' of the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization Digital Economy, Anna leads the joint activities of business and government representatives to implement the digital program of the Government of the Russian Federation. Author of numerous articles, speaker at major industry forums and conferences.

Anna graduated with honors the Faculty of Law of Moscow State University, received her Master of Laws degree from the University of Manchester (UK). She is the author of the Master's course "Information Law" at the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, validated by the University of Manchester.

Alexey Shugar

Chief Operating Officer, nlogic

Nikolai Solodovnikov

Partner, Head of Corporate Practice, Digital Economy and LegalTech Legal Support Team Supervisor, Pepeliaev Group

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