8.3. Issues of Russian Language Performance in Legal Cases and Procedures. Key Topics

Thursday, May 20
16:15 - 16:45

Channel 4
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Track: 8. Culture. Education. Sport. Tourism

Issues related to the subject field of juridical linguistics are acquiring more practical significance and public response, though are problematic for a science-based description and unambiguous interpretation.

During the meeting the keynote speakers of the conference «Issues of Russian language performance in legal cases and procedures» will exchange views on the most sensitive issues of legal linguistics. Dean of the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg University Sergey Belov will touch upon the problem of certainty and comprehensibility of the texts of legal documents, especially for individuals without legal education. Maxim Krongauz, Head of Laboratory of Linguistic Conflict Resolution Studies and Contemporary Communicative Practices at Higher School of Economics, will talk about the public attitude towards politically incorrect vocabulary, establishing the degree of its offensiveness, studying the reaction of citizens to politically correct prohibitions and substitutions.

Vice Rector for Research at Pushkin State Russian Language Institute Mikhail Osadchiy will share his experience in developing parametric models of linguistic analysis for solving expert problems in the framework of cases of justifying terrorism. Reinaldo Casamayor, coordinator of translation and interpretation service at Police Headquarters of Spain, will talk about the peculiarities of the Russian language, which functions as an effective tool for preliminary investigation and criminal proceedings.


Alexander Korotyshev

Director of the Secretariat of the International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature, Director of the Institute of Russian as a Foreign Language at the Herzen State Pedagogical University


Maxim Krongauz

Head of Laboratory of Linguistic Conflict Resolution Studies and Contemporary Communicative Practices, National Research University «Higher School of Economics»


Linguist, an expert in the field of Russian language and education. Author of popular articles on the Russian language, linguistics and education in printed and electronic media, active participant in public discussions on radio and television.

Professor, Doctor of Philology, Head of the Laboratory of Linguistic Conflictology and Modern Communication Practices of the Higher School of Economics, Head of the Laboratory of Sociolinguistics of the Russian State University for the Humanities.

Worked as a visiting researcher and professor at universities in France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Estonia, Finland, the United States and China.

Fellow of the scientific scholarships:  Diderot (France), Humboldt (Germany).

Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation.

First Deputy Chairman of the Commission for the Development of Higher Education and Science of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

Winner of the "Educator" (Prosvetitel’) award.

Member of the editorial boards of the international journal "Russian Linguistics", journals "Russian Speech"(Moscow), "Slovo.Ru. Baltic Accent" (Kaliningrad), "Communication studies" (Omsk).

Author of scientific monographs, textbooks, articles on semantics, pragmatics, semiotics, cultural studies, Russian studies.

Reynaldo Casamayor Maspons

Coordinator of Translation and Interpretation Service at Police Headquarters of the Kingdom of Spain, Professor at «Alcalá de Henares» University, Lawyer at the Center for Constitutional Sciences


Graduated from the Philosophy Faculty of Moscow State University. Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Moscow State University.

Doctor of Translation and Interpretation, State University of Malaga. Specialist in Constitutional Law at the Center for Constitutional Studies in Madrid. Lecturer in the Master's Degree in Intercultural Communication and Translation and Interpretation at the Alcalá de Henares University in Madrid. Teaches courses on interpretation in criminal justice at the University of Malaga. He worked as a translator at the Ministry of the Interior and at the Spanish Central Courts.

In recent years conducted a series of seminars and lectures on procedural and linguistic aspects of criminal justice for United Nations translators and interpreters in Geneva.

Coordinates translation and interpretation services at the General Directorate of the Spanish National Police.

Sergei Olennikov

Associate Professor of the Department of Criminal Law, Acting Head of the Department of Criminal Law, Faculty of Law, Saint Petersburg State University

Mikhail Osadchiy

Vice-President of Association of Russian Language and Literature Teachers, Vice Rector for Research at Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, professor of Chair of General and Russian Linguistics


Doctor of Philology, a practicing forensic linguist, a developer of parametric models for solving expert problems in the framework of cases of protection of honor and dignity, libel, insult, threat, manifestations of extremism. Models developed by research team of Mikhail Osadchiy allow building an expert linguistic analysis according to a transparent and reproducible scheme, avoiding excessive subjectivity in assessing linguistic facts.

Author of over 100 scientific publications in legal and linguistic journals: "Criminal Procedure", "Theory and Practice of Forensic Examination", "Questions of Linguistics", etc. Author of the books "Legal Self-Control of the Orator", "Russian Language in the Litigation".

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