9.2. Insurance Law Reform: Expectations and Opportunities

Thursday, May 20
17:00 - 18:00

Channel 2
Live Stream

Track: 9. Private Law
Discussion session

Issues for discussion

  1. What changes to statutory regulation may increase the demand in insurance?
  • illegal interests in insurance, and the borderlines thereof. Is it necessary to change anything in the existing statutory regulation?
  • 'group' insurance agreements: is a due protection of insured persons’ life possible?
  • consideration of insurant’s gross negligence: potential for development or a threat?
  1. Disclosure obligations of the parties under an insurance agreement — the way to overcome mistrust between the parties of insurance.
  • what should be the structure of insurer’s disclosure obligations set out in statutory acts? Which procedures should be employed to provide for insurer’s clients protection?
  • what changes related to insurants’ disclosure obligations are necessary?
  1. Impact of insurance law reform on development of different types of insurance
  • to what extent would the reform solve the problems related to development of directors’ and other officers’ liability insurance
  • would the reform be able to solve the problems related to life insurance?


Tatiana Medvedeva

Head of the Working Group on Preparation of a New Version of Chapter 48 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Council on Codification and Development of the Civil Legislation Under the President of the Russian Federation


Ivan Chebeskov

Director of the Department of Financial Policy, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

Ekaterina Abasheeva

Deputy Head of the Department, Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Sergey Dedikov

Partner, Redstone Chambers (Moscow), Lecturer, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

Tamara Merebashvili

Deputy Director General, Head of the Corporate and Property Relations Unit, Corporate Secretary, PJSC Inter RAO, Russian Federation

Rafael Klimov

Head of Legal, All-Russian Union of Insurers

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