The Aikido Principle in the Age of the Coronavirus: How to Resolve Disputes with Counterparties?

Saturday, April 11
12:15 - 13:15

Today companies are challenged by the COVID-2019 pandemic. The coronavirus has severely hit companies with losses estimated in dozens of millions.

The situation in the Russian market suggest a ‘global force majeure’ scenario. Contractual parties are failing to fulfill their obligations due to imposed constraints, while partners today can instantly turn into rivals tomorrow in draconian business settings.

How should companies do to survive if contractual parties fail to fulfill their obligations and what instruments to implement in order to sustain damages?

We are going to negotiate the following issues:

  • the backlash of Coronavirus for contractual obligations;
  • scenarios to implement force-majeure clauses;
  • prospects to amend or terminate agreements;
  • bankruptcy risks for debtors failing to fulfill their obligations;
  • new perspectives of mediation: will businesses manage to sustain partner relationship or unleash a zero-sum game.

Presumably, the crisis is the high time to pursue tradeoffs and discard persistent legal relations in favor of formats of interaction.

* The Programme may be subject to change