Notarial Practice in Restrictive Settings

Saturday, April 11
10:00 - 10:30

Over the last months the global pandemic threat has posed a severe challenge for social, economic, and legal institutions. Without specific legal mechanisms and proven solutions, the international community is grasping for a most efficient and balanced approach to combat the pandemic and resolve the massive crisis miring all the countries.

Notariat as a most critical institution of civil legal turnover was also compelled to step up instant measures that would guarantee access to professional civil legal advice on legal actions amid restrictive settings, on the one hand, аnd ensure safety of citizens, on the other hand.

Definitely, the lockdown sustained by roughly the entire global community reinforces responsibility and awareness of global mutual dependency as attempts to stem the COVID-19 outbreak continue. This regime significantly constrains the civil legal turnover by bringing down its pace, which ends up in economic losses. To mitigate negative impact and ensure stability of civil legal turnover in any settings, it is critical to efficiently implement IT technologies, digitalize documents and registries, and provide a remote format for an array of dedicated legal actions. Therefore, the global pandemic has apparently demonstrated that the civil legal turnover is bound to move into ‘on-line space’, thus speeding up digitalization of economic, social, and legal interactions.

Within the framework of the discussion representatives of Russian and international notary community are going to consider the outlined issues and give responses on how notaries public should set up their activities in restrictive settings, how to provide  professional legal aid to citizens in a safe environment, what reliable digital capacities are available to notaries in response to COVID-19 pandemic and will be demanded to ensure safety and stability of civil legal turnover across innovative digital formats.


Konstantin Korsik

President, Federal Notary Chamber

* The Programme may be subject to change