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9.2. Contractual Indemnity: Contract Drafting and Litigation in Russian Law

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General Staff Building (6-8, Dvortsovaya sq.)

As of June 1, 2015, Article 406.1 appeared in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. This article regulates contractual indemnity clauses. These new rules are aimed at regulating the common practice of including in the contracts of indemnity obligations by which one party undertakes to indemnify the other for losses arising out of any event specified in the contract. Inclusion in the contract of such clauses is a common practice in the conclusion of a number of commercial contracts (including contracts for the sale of shares, shareholder agreement, and many others). Over the past period, judicial practice began to form, which raised a number of important questions of the interpretation of the law. 

In this regard, it is time for the development of standards for good contractual practice of structuring such contractual indemnities and clarifying the most important issues. This round table is aimed at the analysis of key aspects of the design of contractual indemnity and the development of proposals for case-law development, optimization and standardization of contractual work. During the round table, participants will exchange views on the agenda items, assess the relevant legal risks and put forward their proposals.


Artem Karapetov

Director, M-LOGOS Law Institute

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