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8.1. Digital Future of Museum: Permitted Boundaries

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General Staff Building (6-8, Dvortsovaya sq.)


With an exponential growth in the number of digital projects implemented within the walls of the Museum, digital reproductions of artworks, VR, 8K and so on have become an integral part of the Museum, and their cultural significance is no longer possible to ignore. Museums have entered a new era – the age of digital culture.

The digitalisation of museums has long surpassed its initial concept of preserving cultural heritage in the form of digital reproductions. Photo-, audio- and visual artworks are becoming self-sufficient, extraterritorial objects of intellectual property. Thus, instead of travelling to Saint Petersburg to visit the Hermitage, one can simply put on a VR helmet – or browse the entire Metropolitan Museum collection on a phone screen from any corner of the world.

The digital future is here. In addition to new horizons, limited only by the project author's fantasy and the scope of financing, it brings about new questions:

  • How to interact with the virtual reality within the existing legal framework?
  • What are the characteristics of digital culture and culture in a digital environment?
  • Does copyright restrict any unauthorised use of creative works, or is it acceptable to use such works for non-commercial, educational or cultural purposes without the author's consent?
  • The analysis of the current status and development trends of digital law as applied to culture. Where do the boundaries lie?

The present panel discussion will address these and other relevant issues.


Mikhail Piotrovskiy

General Director, The State Hermitage Museum

* The Programme may be subject to change