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3.4. Balance of Court’s Powers, Prosecutor’s Office, Investigation and Advocacy in Economic Crimes: Discussion

Thursday, May 16
14:00 - 15:30

Hall #6, General Staff Building (6-8, Dvortsovaya sq.)

What should be the balance of powers of the court, the prosecutor's office, the investigation and the bar to make fair decisions on criminal cases in the field of economic crimes?

During the discussion, an assessment will be made of the reasons for the intensification of criminal prosecution for economic crimes, despite the positive changes in legislation, why only every fifth filed case reaches the verdict and why more than 70% of criminal cases break down during the investigation?

For obstruction of lawful business activities by officials for the last time there is not a single real term. How motivated are law enforcement agencies to investigate crimes committed by government officials?


Issues for discussion:

1. What is the impact of law enforcement activity on legal regulation and business climate?

2. The consequences of strong pressure on business.

3. The election of a preventive measure in the form of detention as a mechanism for seizing business.

4. Return to the criminal proceedings of full-fledged prosecutorial supervision at the pre-trial stages.

5. Further steps to humanize criminal law for business.

6. Application 169 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation 'Hindering a legitimate business or other activity'.

7. The role of public institutions in the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs from unlawful criminal prosecution and the development of new legislative initiatives in the criminal law field.

8. The results of a study of trends in the field of criminal prosecution of entrepreneurs of the All-Russian public organization of small and medium-sized businesses 'OPORA RUSSIA'.

9. Interaction Between Economic Justice and Criminal Proceedings.


Aleksandr Kalinin

President, All-Russian Non-governmental Organization of Small and Medium business OPORA RUSSIA


Aleksandr Avdeyko

Head of legal Department, Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

Vadim Fedorov

State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation

Vladislav Grib

Vice President, Russian Federal Bar

Vladimir Gruzdev

Chairman of the Executive Board, Association of Lawyers of Russia

Natalya Pavlova

Judge, The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

Dmitrii Petrovichev

Head, Bureau for the Protection of the Rights of Enterpreneurs and Investors Under OPORA RUSSIA

Aleksandr Varvarin

Vice-President for legal regulation and enforcement, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

Aleksey Zakharov

Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation

* The Programme may be subject to change