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4.8. Sergey Alekseev: Through Thorns to the Law

Friday, May 17
13:30 - 15:30

Hyde Park, General Staff Building (6-8, Dvortsovaya sq.)

New economic challenges (more complex circulation, larger markets, cross-border legal phenomena, development of digital technologies) result in quick regulatory resolutions inevitably leading to the legal environment saturation with instructions, appearance of “specific question — specific answer” patterns, enhanced positivistic legal consciousness, conflicts of laws, breaking legal ties. Development and improvement of the Law in its primary meaning, which is impossible without the reference to the theory of law, is thus set aside.

Sergey Alekseev is the founder of the most developed Russian doctrine of the dogma of law, the author of the fundamental course on the theory of law, which covers almost all the basics of the doctrine of law, the developer of humanistic theory in the philosophical doctrine, theory and philosophy of private law. The works by Sergey Alekseev include answers to many relevant legal issues that are risen today,  namely, such issues as the systematization and codification of private and public law, the admissibility of the allocation of new branches of law and duplication the structure of law, the development of law in the age of the digital economy, and many others. 

In his scientific works, Sergey Alekseev paid special attention to the limits of law and to the limits of legal regulation:  'Each historically specific society impartially calls for a strictly defined measure of social regulation, otherwise negative consequences for the social system are inevitable – its disorganization or, conversely, its excessive regulation ('overorganization'). This measure, which expresses the volume and intensity of social regulation, depends on the requirements of the existing social system, the stage of development of society, the level of its organization.  The more complex public relations are, the greater the need in their coordinated development, the more significant is the said measure.'

The main mission of the project ‘Sergey Alekseev: Through Thorns to the Law’ is to revive and develop theoretical thinking through the reference to the scientific heritage of Sergey Alekseev and other prominent legal scholars. Theoretical development are necessary to both research and education institutions and expert communities for legal strategies development, search for cross-sectoral links, which is mostly relevant in the course of draft legal development concepts and laws preparation and has direct impact on law enforcement by practicing lawyers, government authorities and courts.

The attendees will discuss, inter alia, the following questions:

- Is the general theory of law really important for the present-day education? Is it necessary to improve theoretical training of present-day lawyers?

 - Are the developments within the general theory of law important enough for legislation and law enforcement? What is the best form of legal scholars engagement?

- What is the attitude of the judicial community to the strategy of law development in Russia? What does the judiciary law mean today?  What are the lowest and the highest limits of legal regulation? At which point does it stop to be insufficient and become excessive?  How should a rule’s efficiency be determined, the conflicts eliminated?

The Project’s presentation will also include summarizing of  the results of the series of events under the title 'Alekseev’s heritage: limits and boundaries of law and legal regulation in the context of the XXI century', including the conference held by the St. Petersburg State University on 14 May 2019 during the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, as well as regional stages of the Conference held at the St. Petersburg State University,  the Alekseev Private Law Research Centre under the President of the Russian Federation, and Ural State Law University.

Sergey Belov, head of the project, Chairman of the Program Committee of the Conference, Dean of the Faculty of Law of St. Petersburg State University will give a keynote speech.


Anna Sirotkina

Head of the Department of Commercial Law and Process, Alexeev Private Law Research Centre under the President of the Russian Federation


Sergey Belov

Dean of the Law Faculty, St. Petersburg State University

Gadis Gadzhiev

Judge, the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation

Aleksandr Konovalov

Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation

Pavel Krasheninnikov

Chairman of the Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation for State Construction and Legislation

Denis Novak

Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation

Lyudmila Novoselova

The Chief Judge, Intellectual Property Court

Ivan Razumov

Judge, Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

Vladimir Sinyukov

Doctor of Law, Professor, Vice-Rector for Research, Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL)

* The Programme may be subject to change