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8.9. Public Private Partnership for Infrastructure Development: Searching for Balance Between Legislation and Investors’ Interests

Thursday, 16 May
14:00 - 15:30

Hall #7, General Staff Building (6-8, Dvortsovaya sq.)

International experience shows that the number of PPP-based infrastructure projects of great government importance is growing. Deals aimed at attracting private investments into these projects are not regulated in the same way due to differences in legal systems and specifics of national legislations.

In Russia, concession and PPP deals have been secured, completed and disputed for over 10 years. Moreover, Public Private Partnership laws have existed in Russia for the same number of years. Over this time they have undergone significant and consistent (and sometimes inconsistent) changes.

The growing number of PPP projects leads to the government's better understanding of the market needs and legislation-related responses to them. Still, not all legislative innovations and tools prove to be popular with the market.

This discussion brings together leading Russian and foreign experts, representatives of government agencies and business, who will analyse international best practices, issues related to concession and PPP projects, and ways of reforming the existing legal framework in order to address those issues.

Discussion points:

  1. How is PPP legal framework developed in Russia and abroad?
  2. Detailed regulation: will detailed laws bring the number of legal conflicts down or lead to even wider gaps?
  3. PPP legal framework development: should laws regulating investment deals be brought in line?
  4. Can freedom-of-contract limitations be justified by PPP specifics and government's involvement in the deal?


Aleksey Chichkanov

First Vice President, Gazprombank JSC


Denis Kachkin

Managing partner, Kachkin and Partners Attorney at law

Pavel Karpunin

Partner, Capital Legal Services, LLC

Aidos Kobetov

Vice President front office, Kazakhstan public-private partnership center

Zhaogang Meng

Deputy to the Head of Moscow Representative office, China Development Bank

Dmitriy Pristanskov

State Secretary — Vice President, Norilsk Nickel PJSC

* The Programme may be subject to change