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2.4. Lawyers’ Fee. Present and Future

Wednesday, May 15
14:45 - 17:00

Hall #7, General Staff Building (6-8, Dvortsovaya sq.)

Reform of the legal profession, inequality of procedural possibilities, and change in tax status are only a small part of the challenges the advocacy in Russia is facing in the context of economic and political realities. The year 2018 one more challenge was added to this list – the challenge related to the possibility to bring up claims against legal service agreements concluded between client and lawyer due to the perceived disproportion of lawyers’ fees in comparison to the services provided.

Participants in the legal services market are interested in creating the efficient instruments to formalize and codify the principles of provision of legal services and the related payments. There is a need to regulate different payment models and clear fee rates to ensure that the lawyers’ fees become predictable and easy to calculate for both client and lawyer. To do this, it is necessary to take into account the diversity of legal services provided on the market. It is also necessary to take into account the needs of different clients which can range from individuals over corporate bodies to subjects incorporated under public law. One of the issues discussed in the legal community is the need to develop approaches for determining a fair price for providing the legal services provided and the validity of a success based fee and its retention by a legal service provider.

During the Conference held by the Russian Federal Bar Association, we will discuss issues of forming approaches to determine a fair price for legal services provided based on the practices of different jurisdictions. Furthermore, we will hear different opinions on the possibility bringing to bring up claims against legal service agreements. Last but not least, we will hear various positions on the need to legitimize a success based lawyers’ fee. Involving a wide range of participants in the discussion of controversial issues of the fee will create conditions for finding optimal solutions that will take into account the interests of clients and lawyers as well as other participants in legal proceedings.

16:45 - 17:00 - Signing of the Protocol on the accession of the Union of Lawyers of the Republic of Moldova to the Charter on the Fundamental Principles of Advocate‘s Activity between the Russian Federal Bar Association and the Union of Lawyers of the Republic of Moldova.


Yuriy Pilipenko

President, Russian Federal Bar Association


Simon Babayan

Director, School of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia


Education, academic degree: PhD in Legal Sciences

Professional experience:
2014-Now Director of the School of Advocates of RA
2008-Now Head of the Department of Jurisprudence at NAS RA
2010-Now Founder, head of the legal department of “Intravires” CJSC
2007-Now Acting advocate
2009-Now Member of the Board of the Chamber of Advocates of RA

Specialist area, professional interests: Private law, Corporate law

Publications, scientific works:
1. Legal status of the sole executive body of the economic company in the Republic of Armenia: The alleged conflict of civil and labor rights of the Republic of Armenia, Newsletter of social sciences of NAS RA, 2014, Yerevan

2. Greenmail: Abusing right of minority participants to equity right in the context of corporate legal relations in the Republic of Armenia, Collection of Scientific Articles of ISEC NAS RA, 2015, Yerevan

3. The participation of defense-advocate in the criminal proceedings of the Republic of Armenia and the standardization of the minimum amount of legal assistance, Advocate’s Newspaper, 2016

Anar Baghirov

Chairman, Bar Association of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Education, academic degree:  LL.B. from Baku State University (1997); LL.M. (Civil Law cum laude) from Baku State University (1999); PhD from Institute of Political-Legal Research under the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Azerbaijan (2006); Doctoral candidate at the Institute of Human Rights under National Academy of Science of the Republic of Azerbaijan (since 2014).

Professional experience:  During 1997-2005, after graduating from Baku State University worked as a legal practitioner in several organisations and agencies. Has become a member of the Bar Association since 2005. Has been elected as a member of Board of the Azerbaijan Bar Association since 2012. Has been elected as a President of the Azerbaijan Bar Association since 2017. Has been elected as a member of the Azerbaijan Judicial-Legal Council since 2019. Practices as an arbiter at several national and foreign arbitration courts.

Specialist area, professional interests: Legal profession, Free Legal Aid, Constitutional Law, Professional conduct of lawyers

Achievements, rewards: On May 19, 2015 by decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan was awarded "Tereggi" (translation: Progress) medal for his endeavors in the activity of the Judges Selection Committee.

Has got Honorary Diplom and Doctor Emeritus of the Board of the Azerbaijan Bar Association.

Awarded with Honorary Diplom of the Union of Association of Judges of the Republic of Azerbaijan.[12]

In 2018 has got an Honorary Diploma from Russian Lawyers Guild.

In 2018 has got an Honorary Diploma (Honorary Lawyer of Russian Federation) from Federal Chamber of Russian Lawyers.


Publications, scientific works:

  1. Genesis and development of the right to receive legal assistance - Eurasian Advocacy
  2. The impact of the legal education system on the quality of legal services in Germany - Zhytomyr National Agroecological University
  3. Legal liability of lawyers for violation of the right to receive qualified legal assistance - "QANUN" magazine

Christina Blacklaws

President, The Law Society of England and Wales


Christina is the President of the Law Society of England and Wales and performs a range of ambassadorial and representative functions both domestically and internationally. In addition, she holds a range of public appointments including member of the Family Justice Council, trustee of LawWorks, member of the Judicial Diversity Forum, chairs the Law Society’s Legal Technology Policy Commission, as well as chair of the government’s Lawtech Delivery Panel. Christina also leads on the Society’s relationship with Barclays to develop lawtech incubators.

She is passionate about diversity and inclusion, technology and access to justice and uses everyopportunity to advocate and progress positive change in these areas.

Christina is an award winning (for innovation and diversity and inclusion) published author, speaker and lecturer and frequent media commentator.

Vadim Klyuvgant

Vice President, Moscow Chamber of Lawyers

Aleksandr Konovalov

Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation

Denis Novak

Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation

Melissa Pang

President, The Law Society of Hong Kong


Education, academic degree:

Ms. Pang holds the degrees of Master of Laws, Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney, as well as the degree of Master of Laws from the Peking University. She also obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in the Laws of the People's Republic of China from the University of Hong Kong.
Ms. Pang is admitted as a solicitor in Australia, England and Wales, and Hong Kong.

Professional experience:

Ms. Pang is the President of The Law Society of Hong Kong and she has been serving as a Law Society Council member since 2005. Ms. Pang currently serves as the Chairperson of Consents Committee and Pro Bono and Community Work Recognition Committee. She is also a member of several other committees overseeing compliance, policy and resources, external affairs, constitutional affairs and human rights, Greater China legal affairs and international legal affairs.

Ms. Pang is also a Notary Public, Civil Celebrant, accredited mediator, associate member of the Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators, and China Appointed Attesting Officer, and is Vice-President of LAWASIA and Chairman of Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education of the HKSAR Government.

Specialist area, professional interests:

Ms. Pang’s main areas of practice are commercial and civil litigation and property law.

Achievements, rewards:

Ms. Pang was awarded the Medal of Honor in 2006 and Justice of the Peace in Hong Kong in 2010.

Ms. Pang is a regular contributor of legal articles.

Marie-Aimee Peyron

President, Paris Bar

Emanoil Plosnita

President, Moldovan Bar Association


Education, academic degree: Moldova State University 1977

Professional experience:

Member of the Moldovan Bar Association.

President of the Disciplinary and Ethics Commission (1998-2002).

Vice-president of the Commission for Licensing of Legal Profession (2002-2006). Member of the Bar Council (2007-2011).

Member of the Commission for Licensing of Legal Profession (2011-2015).

Dean of the Chisinau Bar (2016-2017)

President of the Moldovan Bar Association (October 2017-present)

Ulrich Wessels

President, German Federal Bar


Education, academic degree:

law studies in Münster and Freiburg (both Germany), studies abroad in London and doctoral degree on the topic “Testament enforcement on a limited partnership”

Professional experience: notary, lawyer, specialist lawyer for family and administrative law

1988: admitted as lawyer. Dr. Ulrich Wessels is partner of the law firm Dr. Koenig Partner in Münster (Germany)

since 1994: board member of the Bar Association Hamm, acting also as treasurer in the following years

since 2003: board member and treasurer of the German Lawyers Institute (Deutsches Anwaltsinstitut)

since 2012: president of the Bar Association Hamm

in 2015 Dr. Wessels was elected as a vice president of the German Federal Bar

since 2018, he is president of the German Federal Bar

Specialist area, professional interests:

Dr. Wessels represents his clients in the field of civil and administrative law, focusing on medical and medical liability law, family law as well as construction and civil service law including disciplinary law.

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