3.6. Harm Reduction and Innovations

Thursday, May 17
09:30 - 11:30

Hall #1, General Staff Building (6-8, Dvortsovaya sq.)

The quality of life is affected by environmental conditions, access to quality products and services and information about them, the state of health and health care level, and living and working conditions.  The quality of life can be improved, inter alia, by innovative solutions and technologies.  Governments and businesses have a common interest in developing innovative, advanced products and introducing cutting-edge technologies for the benefit of people and the society.

The regulatory environment should promote the development and the commercialization of innovative products and services, which are better than the traditional ones, e.g., which allow minimizing side effects, reduce toxicity and curb adverse ecological effects.  In other words, they reduce harm to health and the environment, thus improving the quality of life.

What should the legal concept of harm reduction look like for Russian legislation?  What is the common interest of the regulators, society and businesses in the context of innovations, which are capable of improving the quality of life?  What challenges do businesses face when introducing products with harm reduction potential to the market in circumstances where the regulation lags behind the technologies?

The discussion session participants will debate challenges in the commercialization of innovative products, the role of regulators in encouraging a smooth transition from traditional products to better alternatives, and the consumers’ right to know about such better alternatives.

The agenda will include speeches by governmental officials and senior business leaders.


Olesya Trusova

Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Philip Morris International


Mrs. Trusova was appointed Vice President and Associate General Counsel in January 2018.

Mrs. Trusova is Vice President and Associate General Counsel at Philip Morris International where she manages a group of 35 lawyers and legal professionals working in five different markets – Russia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Ukraine and Israel.  Since she joined the company in 2004, she has held a range of positions in the Law Department, covering such areas as competition law, brand protection, advertising law, tobacco product regulation, litigation, corporate governance and commercial law.

Mrs. Trusova studied law in Russia and the United States.  She holds a PhD degree from the St. Petersburg State University and an LL.M degree from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.  She is admitted to the bar in Russia.  Prior to Philip Morris International, Mrs. Trusova worked in private practice at the Coudert Brothers law firm.


Diyas Assanov

General Counsel, Siemens LLC

Roman Dolzhanskiy

Senior Legal Adviser, GEROPHARM LLC

Viktor Evtukhov

State Secretary - Deputy Minister, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Artem Molchanov

Head of the Legal Department, Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation

Till Olbrich

Deputy General Counsel, Philip Morris International


Mr. OLBRICH was appointed DEPUTY General Counsel in 2017.

Mr. Olbrich is Deputy General Counsel at Philip Morris International where he manages a group of 240 lawyers and legal professionals around the world.  Since he joined the company in 2005, he has held a wide range of positions in the Law Department and Corporate Affairs, covering such areas as brand protection, supply chain practices, product development, tobacco product regulation, sustainability, litigation, public policy and commercial law.

Mr. Olbrich studied law in Germany and Switzerland.  He holds a degree from the University of Leipzig and is admitted to the bar in Germany.  Prior to Philip Morris International, Mr. Olbrich worked in private practice at the law firms of Hengeler Mueller in Germany and Wachtell Lipton in the United States.

Oleg Skvortsov

Professor of the St. Petersburg State University, Head of the Litigation Practice in DLA Piper Law Firm

* The Programme may be subject to change