2.1. Legal Industry Evolution: From Letter to Digit (Discussion Session of Russian Corporate Counsel Association)

Wednesday, May 16
14:30 - 16:30

Hall #6, General Staff Building (6-8, Dvortsovaya sq.)

In the recent years at SPBILF, RCCA pays special attention to issues related to a changing role of a corporate lawyer on the background of breakthrough technologies, digital economy and innovations development. The consistent coverage of the subject results from RCCA’s intent to provide for their members to be on the edge of most relevant and pressing problems corporations and large businesses may encounter, in order to support the sustainable development of necessary professional skills and management capacities of legal department managers.

In July 2017, the Government of the Russian Federation adopted the Program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation”. The Program’s comprehensive systematic approach to digital economy levels establishment and development as per the Program would have impact on a wide range of large business and corporations’ activities. The respective changes would also result in drastic shifts of requirements to necessary competencies of lawyers engaged in legal support to corporate operations. The Program also provides for adoption of procedural documents for development of legal competencies related to digital economy (paragraph 1.20 of the Program Roadmap).

The discussion of legal competencies at RCCA’s panel will make the latter the best platform for communication of experience and opinions on the abovementioned important issues by legal department managers of major Russian businesses and corporations who coordinate the work of thousands of lawyers at corporate and business entities and governmnt authorities. The speakers’ objective is to establish high standards of advanced leadership in the course of evolvement of a new “digital” generation and to determine major trends for development of legal competencies necessary to stand up to challenges of rapidly developing digital economy.


Yuliya Bondarenko

Assistant General Counsel, RRP Commercialization, Latin America & Canada Region, Philip Morris Global Services Inc


Aleksandra Nesterenko

President, Russian Corporate Counsel Association

Ruslan Ibragimov

Vice President for Corporate and Legal Affairs, MTS PJSC

Igor Drozdov

Chairman of the Executive Board, Skolkovo Foundation

Igor Kondrashov

Director of the Legal Department, Sberbank

* The Programme may be subject to change