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Dialogue: Reform of Legal Services Market

Wednesday, May 16
15:00 - 17:00

Hall #5, General Staff Building (6-8, Dvortsovaya sq.)

The right to qualified legal assistance is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation. At the same time due to certain reasons of historical, regulatory and institutional nature, implementation of this right to the fullest extent is currently impeded.   First and foremost, this is reflected in the poor quality of legal services provided to the consumers by the unscrupulous advisors. 

In the majority of countries with a developed legal system, citizens are guaranteed the right to qualified legal assistance. The analysis of international experience shows that governments successfully have exercised this guarantee for a number of years by establishing high professional requirements for people who provide legal services and special liability provisions for poor delivery of such services.

In this context one of the major goals of the state program “Justice” approved by the Russian Federation Government Decree dated 15 April 2014 No. 312 (as amended on 23 April 2016) became streamlining of the system of competent legal assistance, including pro bono legal aid, and regulation of the market of qualified legal assistance.

In accordance with the above-mentioned state program, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation prepared the draft Concept of regulation of professional legal assistance market in the Russian Federation that is aimed at creation of the uniform legal basis for providing legal services with a higher level of legal protection for legal services’ recipients; improvement of the legal profession, including through removal of restrictions    hampering provision of effective legal services; establishment of conditions to prevent poorly qualified lawyers from providing legal services, and terms for dismissal of poorly qualified advisors from providing legal services; creation of the system of professional legal assistance in line with the recognized international standards, and creation of conditions for integration of the institutional environment of the legal profession into the world legal space.

The event's discussion will address the priority areas for improvement of the qualified legal assistance market in Russia and the international experience of legal services regulation.

The event's format will be a dialogue with moderator.

Welcome Speech

Aleksandr Konovalov

Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation

Zhenyu Liu

Vice-Minister of Justice of China

Aleh Slizheuski

Minister of Justice of the Republic of Belarus


Boris Boltyanskiy

Chief Editor, PRAVO.RU


Denis Novak

Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation

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