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Wednesday, May 16 the discussion titled ‘Unmanned Vehicles in Russia: Regulation Required to Ensure Technology Leadership’ took place at the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.
VIII SPBILF discussed changes in Russian criminal law related to economic offenses to ensure humanization of business law and to counter pressure exercised on businesses through criminal legislation.
Having discussed the issues related to improvement of counter-doping measures in sport, appropriate enforcement of athletes' rights, and strengthening the state’s involvement in these activities, participants of ‘Counter Doping Activities and Athletes’ Rights Protection’ Session of the VIII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum deem necessary to take note of the following.
Legal issues of the anti-doping system in terms of international efforts were discussed by experts at the 8th St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.
Drafting a new bill on culture was the topic of the discussion entitled "Culture Act: the Art of Law" at the 8th St Petersburg International Legal Forum.
St. Petersburg Legal Forum Forum will take place on May 15-19, 2018.
“The discussion and conference proceedings will be very practical to all Russian public authorities and bodies of the Council of Europe. We all proceed from the fact that the end goal of our activity is to ensure the protection of human rights and civil liberties from Lisbon to Vladivostok”, – Mikhail Galperin, Representative of the Russian Federation at the European Court of Human Rights – Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation

On October 23, Moscow hosted a conference titled Arbitration in Spotlight: Enforcement of Arbitral Awards and Interaction with State Courts after the Arbitration Reform. The conference was organized by LF Academy educational portal and Arbitration Centre at the Institute of Modern Arbitration supported by St Petersburg International Legal Forum. Conference recording will be available at

The VIII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum will take place on May 15 through 19, 2018. Early registration is now available, and special terms apply.
The 7th St. Petersburg International Legal Forum has finished in St. Petersburg. World experts have discussed the issues of legal regulation of information technologies, insolvency legislation, issues, related to the protection of art monuments and exhibition organization and other relevant issues in the area of law enforcement.