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It was one of the best legal seminars for different reasons
Prof. Ernst Hirsch Ballin
former Minister of Justice
of the Netherlands; Professor of
Dutch and European
Constitutional Law, University
of Tilburg, and of Human
Rights, University of Amsterdam

It was one of the best legal seminars for different reasons. First of all, thanks to participants from both countries who came and learned from each other. Besides, thanks to the occasion (bilateral year). And what really remarkable is that Dutch-Russian legal relations historically take a significant part in bilateral cooperation. Mr. Konovalov was several times in the Netherlands and I was privileged to be his counterpart. Russia and the Netherlands share something very important.

We heard in the afternoon how it’s important to have a common background for successful international commercial relations and international relations between persons. People are able to do business with each other if they have common frameworks of legal principals. Today we again emphasized those issues passing through mediation and arbitration aspects.

The agenda of St. Petersburg International Legal Forum in May includes security, energy, human rights, exchange of views on civil law, also the transport law. We should pay attention to preparations to the upcoming event and to other Dutch-Russian meetings which empower our relations and business, standards of the rule of law, and relations between people.