X St. Petersburg International Legal Forum to Take Place on May 19-23, 2020

At the concluding media conference of the IX St. Petersburg International Legal Forum Aleksandr Konovalov, Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation, expressed his appreciation of SPBILF-2019 results and launched preparations for the forthcoming 10th anniversary event (X Forum). ‘Tomorrow we are starting to prepare for the next X St. Petersburg International Legal Forum. The days are already scheduled – May 19 to 23, 2020,’ the Minister said. 

Aleksandr Konovalov also formulated the concluding address of this year’s Forum. ‘For the first time the Forum attendance has exceeded 5 000 participants from 95 countries. We are satisfied with the general split of participants: 30% are legal market representatives, i.e. legal counsels, attorneys, and business consultants. They are the foot soldiers of law enforcement representing legal corporations. 15% account for representatives of state authorities, 10% represent the academia, and roughly 5% are courts, notary offices, and international organizations. Overall, 120 plus various events were held across different formats, including talk-shows and peace cafes. The Prime-Minister has demonstrated a record ‘game time’ of over five hours at the Forum, one of the reasons being that a number of events dealt with his area of concern. We consider this our achievement as well. Senior officials feel comfortable here, so representatives of different branches of power of the Russian Federation are eager to attend this event’, Minister of Justice explained.

The Minister also noted that the most crucial event of SPBILF was presentation of the supervisory reform at two dedicated discussion sessions. ‘With time, however, the Forum is bound to emerge into a high-profile framework to test new technologies and report on studies in law enforcement, as well as new practices; the latter would promote the demand for new technologies in our continuously transforming world. We hope that over its second decade the Legal Forum will see breakthrough times in the history of this project’, Aleksandr Konovalov highlighted.

‘An array of formats, introduced in the early years of the Forum, are now used on an annual regular basis: those are both the LF Academy and the International and Comparative Law Research Center. In fact, the current state of the Arbitration Reform stems largely from the Forum debates. My hope is it will stay like that in the future,’ the Minister concluded.


St. Petersburg Legal Forum takes place 14 to 18 May, 2019 in the Eastern wing of the General Staff Building, State Hermitage. SPBILF is supported by the Russian Federation President and organized by the Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation.