Legal Guarantees for the Proper Medical Treatment

Issues of the quality of medical care affect every person sooner or later. In this case, the law must provide the individual the proper quality control of medical aid and the compensation for damages caused by improper doctoring.

What legal instruments, mechanisms and institutions should be used at this time, what are the limits of legal intervention in the area of the professional activity of doctors – these are the issues which should be discussed. In particular, the following questions were discussed during the round table:

  • Equal access to health care and its guarantees in the international and domestic law
  • Interstate cooperation among nations in providing the guarantee of adequate health care
  • Risk management in the medical profession
  • Quality standards of medical help and their role in the mechanism of legal regulation
  • The role of contracts in regulation of medical aid
  • Compensation for damages caused by improper doctoring and responsibility for medical error


Belov Sergey

Deputy Dean for Research, Law Department, Saint Petersburg State University