Digest 96

June 6, 2018 Subsribe

SPBILF 2018 News

The biggest secret of this year’s Forum – the name of the Prize winner – was revealed on May 15 on the scene of the Grand Hall of St Petersburg State Philharmonia. The winner has become Orsolya Toth, professor in Commercial Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, with her paper “Lex Mercatoria in Theory and Practice”.

“I hope that this paper will be worthy of its predecessors, contribute to the globalization of the law and its comprehensive studies,” Ms Toth said.

On May 16, during the award ceremony at the Plenary Session the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev gave the winner a unique decoration designed by Karim Rashid: two joining crystal triangles symbolizing opposing viewpoints. Besides, the winner was entitled to a financial component of the Prize (10 million rubles), which should help continue the research.

Proposals to the Forum 2019

The Programme Committee of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum is pleased to announce the submission of the proposals to the future Forum’s Business Programme.

Please kindly send your ideas and suggestions via e-mail programme@spblegalforum.com.

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