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SPBILF 2018 News

Legal Street is the most unusual part of SPBILF’s evening programme. Following the tradition established in previous years, on Thursday May 17, one of St Petersburg’s central streets will change its name and become pedestrian for one day just for the participants of St Petersburg International Legal Forum, while the Forum’s partners — major legal firms — throw different parties on Legal Street. Find out more ►

Карта Legal Street

PwC Legal Afterparty

PwC Legal is pleased to invite you to attend the #PwCLegalafterparty.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of House of Cards and try special appetizers so enjoyed by the main character. Spend the evening with good company, excellent music and your favourite drink!

We look forward to seeing you on Rubinshteina street!

➁ + ➂
The Pepeliaev Group Yacht Club
Social Club, Bekitzer

Everyone knows that Pepeliaev Group is a master of surprise and is extremely proud to be so. This year will be no exception as we are preparing for you a party in an unusual yacht club.

The Pepeliaev Group Yacht Club is located at the Five Ways Strait in the Social Club Bay. We are hoisting sails on May 17 at 8 p.m. sharp! Our intrepid captain Sergey Pepeliaev will be greeting you on the bridge.

Traditionally the party programme is kept secret but be sure of one thing — you will not be bored for a minute! Our musical guest will help you catch the fresh sea breeze and sail you through the waves of the utmost fun from being at sea.

Olé, Olé, Olé, the Arbitration Food-Track is back to Legal Street!
Rubinsteina street, 28

Saint-Petersburg cannot wait to host the World Cup 2018. While everyone feels excited about the upcoming football euphoria, the Russian Arbitration Center and Mys Kron traditionally invite everybody to enjoy the best football snacks from all around the world: hot dogs, currywursts, falafel, crispy vareniki and beloved shkots. The guests are also invited to taste the best craft beer and cider in the city.

We are looking forward to meeting you at our food track in Rubinsteina street. Let’s talk legal and football derbies!

Distilled tipple with a bang
Anonymous Society of the Diligent Degustators

Haste means waste... Save the best for Last...
Immerse in an adventure, join the ride.
Take a shot, because life’s too short!
There’s no answer at the bottom of the bottle, but surely plenty of discussion along the way.
Let us lead you into the night, come what may!

Join us for a distilled tipple with a bang, at the Anonymous Society of the Diligent Degustators, on the May 17, from 21.00 until midnight!

P.S. Our lawyers say, no working during drinking hours... only networking!

Lawyers unplugged, singing & closing karaoke party with Hogan Lovells

Become a part of the super project from veterans of Legal Street and permanent trendsetters of parties in Moscow and Saint Petersburg! That is the first unprofessional karaoke contest among professional lawyers in the history of SPBILF. A rare fusion of modern sound and original performance, authentic live sound and unreal special effects. This is not to be missed! Teams of the participants, as well as members of the jury will be announced later. The expected guest of the program is a karaoke team from the Ministry of Justice. Each viewer has a chance to win a place and sing in one of the star team. The intrigue is guaranteed. Stay tuned!

And let the whole SPBILF will start singing!

“Leningrad, I’m not going to die yet”

Pen & Paper’s hangover lounge for those who didn’t die yesterday and don’t feel like dying today. If there’s a wish, all the yesterday’s can be made a bit more painful.

Warm welcome of kind people. Again Dovlatov!

A famous writer and journalist Sergei Dovlatov has always been witty and ready for fun, knew how to notice comical in life, but always remained a man of firm principles and also a romantic in his heart. That is why his friends loved him — the most attractive and talented people often gathered in the house 23 on Rubinsteina Street, where Sergei Dovlatov lived more than 30 years. This house is still glad to its guests: on May 17, here, in the cocktail bar “Flowers”, an excellent music and a warm welcome of kind people will be waiting for you. We invite everyone for an evening of good mood and real romance!

Traditional Cleary Gottlieb cocktail party
Black books

The Cleary Gottlieb team would be delighted to welcome participants and guests of the Forum to our traditional event from 20:00 until the departure of the last guest.

Baker McKenzie invites you to take a cruise through time on a ferry of pure fun!

Our journey will take us through the entire history of Russia’s modern legal system, from its very origins to the near future, which includes robots and artificial intelligence. From the very first cooperatives to online corporations, from pagers to bitcoins, from fried gobies in tomato sauce to molecular gastronomy, this experience certainly promises to be interesting!

We set sail from Pier 23, Rubinsteina street, on the main deck of the Yunga restaurant.

Our journey will be non-stop. The ship’s galley will be working throughout the entire trip.

All hands on deck on May 17!

Intersection of Rubinsteina street and Shcherbakov street
Outdoor bar

Dentons global law firm is delighted to invite all Forum visitors to drop into our outdoor bar on Legal Street, which will be at the north entrance near the intersection of Rubinsteina and Shcherbakov streets.

Start the evening well with a Dentons signature cocktail and pleasant music.

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