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November 15, 2017 Subsribe


Nominating institutions from Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland and the USA have already submitted academic works for the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum Private Law Prize. The deadline for nomination expires today.

The Prize Winner award ceremony will be held as a part of the VIII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.

We firmly believe that the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum Prize will become an internationally recognized benchmark of academic achievement in private law, while the implementation of the prize winners’ outstanding ideas will contribute to making this world a fairer and better place.

SPBILF 2018 early bird registration is open.

LF Conferences

The Eurasian Anti-Cartel Forum will take place in Moscow in November under the auspices of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia

The programme will include moot sessions and presentations by representatives of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia and international experts. For more information, visit http://anticartel.lfacademy.ru/en/

The international practical conference, Eurasian Anti-Cartel Forum, will be held in Moscow on 24th of November. The conference is organized by LF Academy under the auspices of the Federal Antimonopoly Service and St. Petersburg International Legal Forum. In lieu of reports and debates, the participants will join series of moot sessions, and some of them will collude in an international cartel arrangement.

Every moot session of the Forum is the enactment of an investigation phase of a cross-border cartel scheme, proceeding from initial exposure to eventual court ruling. The participants will play in teams: the colluding companies, their attorneys, FAS investigators, and judges. The teams will present their improvised strategies for succeeding in each successive game phase. The judges will rule in favour of those participants who make the most convincing case with their arguments and evidence. The roles will be inverted to make the moot sessions more exciting: the actual FAS representatives will act as cartel conspirators, while lawyers will impersonate anti-cartel investigators and judges.  

“With our moot sessions during the Eurasian Anti-Cartel Forum, we hope to learn some helpful practical expertise that cannot be gained in a regular conference,” explained Vassily Rudomino, Senior Partner ALRUD Law Offices, Chairman of the Board at Not-for-Profit Partnership, Promotion of Competition in the CIS. – Law enforcers, antitrust officers and practicing lawyers will join in the discussion of a hypothetical cartel investigation case, exemplifying the issues and challenges typically faced by the parties involved. They will focus on certain particularly challenging points, and will be asked to substantiate the difficult and responsible decisions that the parties to such an investigation sometimes have to make. We come across these kinds of cases increasingly more often in our own practice. We believe this conference will furnish its participants with the unique opportunity to track the progress of a cartel investigation all the way from the moment the collusion is exposed to the eventual court ruling”.

The speakers will discuss the current trends and the best practice of cross-border anti-cartel enforcement, and the outlook for the legislative process in the field. One other keynote of the forum is international cooperation in the exposure and investigation of cartel schemes.

The moot session titled Investigating a Cartel: Strategy Planning will be held in the format of an improvised meeting of the antitrust bodies representing the jurisdictions where the cartel is active.

The programme of the Eurasian Anti-Cartel Forum will also feature presentations and roundtables in a “classic” format. Speaking at the panel session, Investigating an International Cartel, will be Andrei Tsarikovskiy, State Secretary and Deputy Head of FAS Russia, Andrei Tenishev, who leads the Anti-Cartel Department at FAS Russia, and Vladimir Safonov, Senior Advisor, Department for Systematization of Legislation and Analysis of Court Practice, Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. Moderating the session will be Aleksey Ivanov, Director of the Institute of Law and Development, Skolkovo Higher School of Economics.

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