Digest 63

We are glad to present you the 63rd issue of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum Digest.

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Forum starts in 153 days!

News of the Forum


Last Friday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin decreed for the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum to take place on 16-20 May 2017. This will be the seventh time St. Petersburg briefly becomes the world’s capital of law.

The official executive order is posted on the government legal information website at: http://publication.pravo.gov.ru/Document/View/0001201612090010

SPBILF-2017 registration is now open! There are only 153 days left before the Forum!

This far, individuals and entities from 14 countries have signed up for the VII SPBILF: Russian Federation, Belarus, Belgium, UK, India, Spain, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, US, Uzbekistan, France, and Japan.
Forty seven percent of the registered participants represent the Russian and international enterprise sector. To see the List of Participants, please visit the pertinent section on this website.

As is customary, the Business Programme of the VII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum will comprise a variety of event formats, addressing the most pressing questions of jurisprudence.

This year we offer a Special price for SPBILF 2017 Delegate Package for representatives of commercial entities, with the exception of consulting services firms.

Certificate for participation in the SPBILF is now available! Non-personalized Certificates are available for an unlimited number of persons representing one organization. Certificate holders can be selected shortly before the Forum. For more information, please click on Certificate for participation.

You are welcome to attend the VII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum!

For the SPBILF Conditions of Participation, any additional information, or registration, please visit the official SPILF website at www.spblegalforum.com.

SPBILF Business Programme and Partnership

SPBILF Business Programme


The Programme Committee thanks all those of you who have helped us to pinpoint the most relevant topics by contributing their thoughtfully articulated agenda ideas for the VII SPBILF.

The Preliminary Programme is soon to be posted on the SPBILF website. Watch out for updates!

In preparation for the VII SPBILF, we are running a series of conferences, focusing on current issues that are of concern to members of the legal profession and the business community. The issues raised by these conferences, and the outputs of the debates, will give us a solid groundwork for planning the roundtables to be featured on the SPBILF Business Programme in 2017.

The conferences are organized by LF Academy, the online education resource for legal professionals, the central mission of which is to disseminate legal knowledge of the highest quality, coming from the acknowledged leaders of the professional services community.

There are just over 15 conferences on our current schedule, which have been tentatively agreed on. The regulators Rostekhnadzor, Roskomnadzor, Rostrud, Rosfinmonitoring and the Skolkovo School of Management have joined us as co-hosts alongside our customary partners Rospotrebnadzor, Rosreestr, Rospatent, Antimonopoly Service, Taxation Service, Central Bank, Skolkovo Foundation, and the Federal Office of Court Bailiffs.

Seize your chance to become a SPBILF Partner

The status of Partner of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum would give a notable boost to your brand equity in Russia and internationally. We are open to any and all partnering ideas for the preparation and staging of the VII SPBILF. Please direct your partnership ideas and queries to sponsorship@spblegalforum.com.

Please direct your information partnership ideas to pr@spblegalforum.com. You can always count on our assistance when it comes to arranging interviews with SPBILF participants, whether during the Forum or at any time the rest of the year.

Ask the Regulator

LF Academy


LF Academy covers all branches of law and law enforcement in video lectures by the best in the field. It is a cutting-edge online educational resource combining limitless technological opportunities for online learning with singularly valuable content presented in lecture form.

The LF Academy project is a segue to the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, where top lawyers from more than 80 countries meet every year to share their knowledge and expertise. Over the past six years, the SPILF hosts have built unique partnering relationships with a broad-based contingent of the leading experts in law, whose knowledge and experience are difficult to overestimate. These partnerships demand broader avenues for the propagation of law and its best practice in a steady mode, as opposed to only during the days of the Forum.

We are proud to name the leaders in their respective branches of law, who represent the pertinently specialized government regulations, among our partners and co-workers.

Dear Colleagues, today we bring you the singular opportunity to address your questions to the regulators directly!

The answers to your questions will be posted on the LF Academy website. Sign in on www.LFAcademy.ru to stay current on our news!