Digest 61

We are glad to present you the 61th issue of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum Digest.

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SPBILF encourages a conference series

LF Conference


As preparation gains momentum for the VII SPBILF, we have put a series of conferences in the pipeline to address a number of issues of urgent concern for legal services professionals and for the business community. The agenda addressed by the conferences, and the outputs of the debates will lay down a solid foundation, on which the planners will build as they design roundtables for the Forum’s executive programme in 2017.

Conference “Art Market Regulation”
November 21, St Petersburg

Organizers: LF Academy, State Hermitage Museum and Kommersant under the auspice of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.

Programme of the Conference:

· Matters of immediate concern in the regulation of the import and export of cultural property;
· Challenges of the civil circulation of cultural property;
· Private ownership of objects of art.


Invited to participate


Secretary of State – Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation


Deputy Minister, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation


Director, The State Hermitage Museum


First Vice-President, Gazprombank JSC


Chairman of Management Board of NOVATEK – Director; Founder and President of V-A-C Foundation


Adviser to the Minister, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation


Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Managing Director of Sotheby's Russia (2007 - 2016)

Participation in the Conference is free of charge, but the number of placements is limited.

Official conference language is Russian.

Business Breakfast “New Arbitration”
November 18, St Petersburg

Organizers: LF Academy and the Arbitration Centre of the Modern Arbitration Institute, under the auspice of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.

The speakers and delegates will discuss how major amendments shall be applied and what the business can expect for the new arbitration and will draw attention to the experience of international arbitration. Business breakfast will continue a discussion opened on the Conference “Arbitration in the Spotlight” in Moscow, which took place on 20th of October 2016.


Official conference language is Russian.

Registration is now open for SPBILF 2017



Dear Colleagues, Friends,
We are glad to inform you that registration is open for the VII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum!
The Forum will take place on 16-20 May in 2017.

The St. Petersburg International Legal Forum is regarded as a major highlight not only by lawyers, but by the business community and the political elites as well. It is important in this day and age for lawyers to keep up dialogue as a framework, or perhaps even a guarantee, for the sustainable development of political and economic processes. Responding to the challenges confronting the state and society, SPILF has developed a multidisciplinary agenda.

Thus far, tentative agreements have been reached for the upcoming SPILF to address some new regulatory aspects appertaining to high technology and its impact on the legal profession, along with the Forum’s traditional agenda, which will cover antitrust regulation, financial and investment policy, Russia-Asia cooperation, and regulation of the cultural property market.

The Forum’s preliminary programme mentions a dedicated series of sessions on bankruptcy, which is expected to cover the full gamut of related issues, from personal insolvency to trans-boundary bankruptcy. A number of international institutions have tentatively confirmed their participation.

Please note that representatives of the legal departments of commercial organizations are entitled to a special deal on SPILF attendance this year.

Please refer to the appropriate section of this website for SPILF participation terms.

The outputs of several conferences, to be staged in the run-up to the Forum, will form a solid groundwork for the debates at SPILF. For more information, please refer to the Conferences section.

Legal Forum Live 2016



In 2016, SPILF Organizing Committee introduced a new format aimed at expanding the audience of not only viewers, but also participants of the Forum's programme discussions.

The project was called Legal Forum Live: legal communities from Russia and the CIS countries held their own events accompanied by broadcasts of the Forum's sessions. The Forum had 2,000 remote participants from 33 cities.

Together with organizers of the SPILF regional venues, we have summarized events' results and gladly share them with you. Follow our updates.

Siberian Federal University



The Siberian Federal University School of Law joined the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum on May 19 with an online debate on the subject of Russia’s Accession to the Council of Europe 20 Years On. History and Outlook, which was part of the Legal Forum Live project.

Three platforms joined in the online debate: St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, South Russian Institute of Management of the Russian Academy of Economics and Public Service, and Siberian Federal University School of Law

The roundtable featured two speakers:

1. Petr Sich, Head of the Council of Europe Programme Office in the Russian Federation

2. Dmitry Dedov, Judge of the European Court of Human Rights

The debate was moderated by Marina Lavrikova, Provost of St. Petersburg State University.

In his presentation Petr Sich noted that the Council of Europe, established in 1949, was the first institution of European integration to emerge after the Second World War. In the years since, the Council of Europe has, in fact, succeeded in shaping a new legal environment (over 200 conventions, softlaw). Dmitry Dedov highlighted the unique significance of the institution of the European Court of Human Rights, which relies on a solid system of the mandatory enforcement of its decisions.
Following the presentations, the debaters were invited to address their questions to the speakers.

State Technical University of Ukhta



The State Technical University of Ukhta joined the Legal Forum Live project on May 20 with a debate accompanied by an online viewing of the roundtable entitled Development of the Legal Regulation of Economic Activity in the Arctic Region.

The participants of the debate expressed their gratitude to the SPILF Organizing Committee.