Digest 60

We are glad to present you the 60th issue of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum Digest.

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LF Academy is launching a conference series

LF Conferences


As preparation gains momentum for the VII SPBILF, we have put a series of conferences in the pipeline to address a number of issues of urgent concern for legal services professionals and for the business community. The agenda addressed by the conferences, and the outputs of the debates will lay down a solid foundation, on which the planners will build as they design roundtables for the Forum’s executive programme in 2017.

Upcoming event: “Art Market regulation”, November 21, St Petersburg

Organizers: LF Academy, the State Hermitage Museum, Kommersant, under the auspice of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.

The conference will be held at the General Staff Building of the State Hermitage Museum and will address the topical issues of owning and dealing in cultural property.

Keynote speakers of the conference – Secretary of State, Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation Yuri Lubimov, member of the board and First Vice President of Gazprombank Elena Borisenko and Head of Legal Department of the State Hermitage Museum Marina Tsyguleva. Members of the Parliament and state regulatory authorities such as Russian Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture, Federal Customs Service and Federal Tax Service, as well as businessmen, academics and members of professional associations are invited to join the discussion.

To learn more or register, please visit our website http://arbitr.lfacademy.ru/en

Highlights of the previous events

“Arbitration in The Spotlight. Why Is It Time For Alternative Dispute Resolution?”, October 20, Moscow

Organizers: LF Academy, the Arbitration Centre of the Modern Arbitration Institute, under the auspice of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.

The new legislative framework introduced by the Federal Law “On Arbitration (Arbitration Proceedings) in Russia” and the amendments to the Arbitrazh Procedural Code, Civil Procedural Code, Law “On International Commercial Arbitration” in force since 1st September 2016 were discussed in the course of the conference.

Invited speakers famous for their professional and scientific career discussed why new arbitration deserves business society’s attention. The practical issues related to the application of the new legislation were also be addressed.

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“Russia and China: Partners in Law”, October 27, Moscow

Organizers: LF Academy and the Russia-China Law Society under the auspice of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.

Top experts, representing the legal profession and the enterprise communities of the two nations, met to address the priorities arising from the current relations between Russian and Chinese businesses.

The keynote topic of the debates encompassed the legal aspects of the Russia-China relations, the benefits and downsides of international commercial arbitration of disputes, and the challenges of bringing investors into a variety of sectors of the two economies.

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Legal Forum Live 2016



In 2016, SPILF Organizing Committee introduced a new format aimed at expanding the audience of not only viewers, but also participants of the Forum's programme discussions.

The project was called Legal Forum Live: legal communities from Russia and the CIS countries held their own events accompanied by broadcasts of the Forum's sessions. The Forum had 2,000 remote participants from 33 cities.

Together with organizers of the SPILF regional venues, we have summarized events' results and gladly share them with you. Follow our updates.

Volgograd Institute of Business



The Volgograd Institute of Business hosted a roundtable, Modern Challenges for the Legal Profession in Russia and the World, as part of the Legal Forum Live project on 19 May 2016.

The roundtable addressed the following issues:

1. Prestige of the legal profession, and the image of a modern lawyer.

2. The impact of globalization on the practice of law.

3. Interplay between the legal services business and education.

4. The impact of information technology on the legal profession.

5. Independent public evaluation of the quality of law schooling.

6. Monopoly on court representation: the pros and cons. Implementation options.

7. Pro bono legal services. Access to quality legal assistance free of charge.

The event was attended by 312 participants, including legal researchers, high-ranking members of the bar, notaries public, government officials, NGO activists, members of the business community and students of Volgograd-based law schools.

The event was streamed online, and was accompanied by parallel debates at Business Colleges in 6 boroughs of the Volgograd Region: Kamyshin, Kotelnikovo, Mikhailovka, Surovikino, Uriupinsk and Frolovo.

The audience watched the online conference, Modern Challenges for the Legal Profession in Russia and the World, during the event.

The roundtable in Volgograd was moderated by Andrei Vashchenko, Doctor of Economics, Senior Lecturer and Provost of the Volgograd Institute of Business, and Anton Lukash, Candidate Doctor of Social Science, Office Manager, Senior Lecturer at the Chair of Theory and History of Statehood and Law, Curator of the Department of Law of the Volgograd Institute of Business, Member of the Board of the Volgograd Regional Branch of the national NGO, Russian Lawyers’ Association.

Inmar Law Offices



A regional debate under the auspices of the Legal Forum Live project was hosted by Inmar Law Offices on the campus of the Far East Federal University in Vladivostok.

The keynote topic covered diverse aspects of legal support for the advanced economic development zones in the Far East. The speakers delivered presentations on the subjects of The Free Port Mode: Comparative Analysis of the Russian Laws and Statutes Cementing the Free Port Regimen and Similar Legislation Elsewhere, Migration Law and Legal Practice Problem Points Appertaining to the Operation of Advanced Development Zones and Free Ports, Guarantees for Foreign Investments in Free Port and Advanced Development Zone Environments, and others.


Nizhny Novgorod


The conference staged in Nizhny Novgorod for the Legal Forum Live project featured a variety of speakers representing the region’s circuit court and arbitration court, Chamber of the Cadastre, regional Office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, and appraisal service companies.

The keynote were the 2015 legislative changes, including those appertaining to personal bankruptcy. The forum focused on the application of the new legislation on the practical plane. The issues of cadastre appraisal and value contestation were also raised.

Regionservis Bar Association



Regionservis hosted a debate on the subject of Lawyers in Social Media – Between Regulation and Common Sense, for the Legal Forum Live project on May 18, supported by Kemerovo State University and Kemerovo Region Bar Association.

The debate was moderated by Pavel Kirsanov, who leads the Bankruptcy and Corporate Disputes practice for Regionservis Bar Association. The line-up of speakers included top officials of the Kemerovo Region Bar Association, representatives of leading local law firms and business media.