Digest 31

We are glad to present you the 31st issue of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum Digest.

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News of the Forum

Contribute to the SPBILF 2016 agenda


Dear colleagues!

We kindly invite you to take part in the development of the programme for the VI St. Petersburg International Legal Forum. The synergy of our efforts has been the key to making the Forum successful and sustainable platform. From one year to the next the Forum is becoming more interesting, eventful, and above all more useful for the development of business and career of each delegate.

We invite you to take part in the development of the programme for the VI Forum. We will be grateful for your concrete proposals on the topics of round tables and possible speakers of the VI SPBILF to programcommittee@spblegalforum.com till October 15, 2015. You are always welcome to share your ideas here. The Organizing Committee highly appreciates your cooperation and kindly asks to forward thoroughly detailed proposals.

Forum’s official video channel

We are glad to present you discussion sessions videos from 2011 to 2015!


This summer we have launched a renewed Forum’s channel on YouTube. Please find below playlists which correspond to the business programme tracks from 2011 to 2015. The channel contains videos summarizing each day of the Forum 2015 as well as film about the Jubilee Forum 2015.

1. International Law / Rule of Law

2. Private Law

3. Corporate Practice / International Trade / Protection of Competition

4. Litigation and Arbitration Practice

5. Smart Society

6. Cultural Heritage / Public Interest / Environment

7. Investments / Finance

Pleasant viewing!

Coming in the next issue:

The next issue of the Digest to be launched on 16 September will keep you informed about the VI SPBILF news, as well as resume publication of the articles about law and lawyers.