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May 13, 2021 Subsribe

Discussion Session 'Vaccination Against Covid-19: Rights, Obligations and Legal Implications'

For over a year the world has been faced with a major public health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The development of vaccines has opened a new page in the fight against the pandemic. Vaccination is an important tool in public health policies. It is not only intended to protect the persons to whom a vaccine is administered but also other persons. Like any medical intervention, vaccination is subject to the free and informed consent of the person concerned. However, new important issues arise:

  • Should vaccination be made mandatory for all or for specific groups of people who risk to contaminate other persons?
  • How to ensure equitable access to vaccine in view of their insufficient supply?
  • What are the legal consequences of the use of vaccination certificate for medical and non-medical purposes, such as an exclusive access to certain places or services for those who can provide such a certificate?

The Council of Europe is addressing a wide range of problems raised by the pandemic, including the complex legal and ethical issues connected with the vaccination policies. The panel discussion will provide an opportunity of getting a unique comparative perspective on the above issues from high-level officials and experts and to identify possible avenues for states’ common actions to protect public health with due respect for fundamental rights.

Discussion Session 'Vaccination Against Covid-19: Rights, Obligations and Legal Implications' ►

Discussion Session 'Insolvency of the Wealthy: A Secret Behind Foreign Assets'

The session will focus on the problems of searching for assets in foreign countries. This topic grows in popularity every year, as it is becoming more and more difficult to use internal resources to improve the efficiency of collection. Therefore, creditors inevitably turn their attention to external sources: the property of debtors located abroad. This topic is timely and relevant all over the world that is becoming more and more transparent in terms of access to information. However, despite the great interest in these issues, there have not been many positive examples of successful information search and its further competent use with the purpose to increase the effectiveness of recovery. What are the reasons for this and is it possible to change the situation for the better? We will try to answer these questions during the session.

The session is intended to address the following range of issues:

  • when it is appropriate to search for a debtor's assets in other countries;
  • optimal algorithms for obtaining information about assets;
  • what to do with the information obtained and how to use it correctly;
  • whether digital assets can be foreclosed;
  • chow costs should be distributed when searching for a bankrupt debtor's international assets.

Among participants of the sessions there are representatives of professional creditors, experts in the field of financial investigations, insolvency administrators, and international experts who specialize in searching for information about assets.

Discussion Session 'Codes of Ethics as a Form of Self-Regulation' ►

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