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April 15, 2021 Subsribe

Disputes involving Russian parties or interests are a major share of the international disputes being resolved in London

Artem Doudko, Partner and Head of Russia & CIS Disputes in the London Dispute Resolution Practice, Osborne Clarke LLP, moderator of the session ‘London as a Forum for Disputes’

What is the urgency of the topic of your discussion session, why is it important to discuss this topic today?

London is one of the leading centres for dispute resolution, offering a range of dispute resolution mechanisms through courts, arbitration and mediation. Disputes involving Russian parties or interests are a major share of the international disputes being resolved in London. However, the volume, nature and subject-matter of Russian disputes being considered changes over time. The purpose our session is to consider and discuss the latest trends and most relevant issues. In addition, we will the pane will consider what impact Brexit and COVID have had on Russian-related disputes in London.

What issues within this topic are especially important and need to be discussed and why?

The topics for particular consideration include:

  • The different kinds of Russian-related disputes being brought to English courts and arbitration in London
  • Important common issues and problems seen in such disputes
  • Funding of such disputes
  • Issues to consider before starting a litigation or arbitration proceeding in London
  • Impact of COVID and Brexit on such proceedings
  • Enforcement of decisions of English courts and London-seated arbitrations
  • Insolvency processes affecting dispute resolution procedures

Who will be especially interested in the discussion session, which representatives of the professional community?

In-house lawyers who deal with international aspects of their businesses, lawyers from Russian law firms involved in cross-border dispute resolution, advisors to decision-makers whose decisions have any international aspects.

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Discussion Session 'Tax Mediation: First Experience and Perspective'

In recent years, out-of-court settlement has been preferred in tax disputes. These are not only pre-trial procedures for considering objections to the act of verification and appealing the decision, but also providing explanations during the verification and pre-verification analysis. The Federal Tax Service of Russia enters into settlement agreements in court and also regulates relations on the basis of transparent procedures related to the equality of all market participants and their refusal to use questionable schemes. In this regard, mediation is one of the possible tools for resolving tax disputes.

Moreover, Article 1 of the Law "On the Mediation Procedure" was amended to establish its applicability to public legal relations, and last year the first tax mediation was held in St. Petersburg.

The following questions will be discussed:

  • Can mediation become a tool to fill the gaps of trust and understanding between the state and business?
  • What is needed for the wider use of mediation in tax disputes?
  • What is the international practice and who should be the mediator?

We will talk about this and much more with the participants of our round table, prominent experts in this field.

Discussion Session 'Tax Mediation: First Experience and Perspective' ►