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June 19, 2019 Subsribe


The SPBILF Private Law Prize was presented to the winner during the Plenary Session of the IX St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.

Academic work “Human as a Service” by Professor of Oxford University Jeremias Prassl was selected out of a dozens of researches, which had been submitted to the competition by the leading universities of the world. The Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev presented the award to the winner.

“A very good tradition is being developed now: to start the Forum with the Awarding Ceremony. It was not easy to choose a winner, the Expert Committee worked hard. My sincere congratulations to the winner! It’s important that this is how serious approaches to science are born, this is how the most important researches are selected. I am very glad that we made the Private Law Prize a part of SPBILF,” the Prime Minister said. 

Nomination for the 2020 Prize

The nomination for the SPBILF Private Law Prize 2020 is open from January 1 till October 15, 2019. The academic works published since January 1, 2015 can be nominated for the Prize. Textbooks and comments can not be nominated for the Prize.

How to apply*: 
1. Fill in the registration form on the SPBILF website or send by e-mail to awards@spblegalforum.com the information about the Nomination Organization and the nominated academic work 
2. Attach the following documents: 
• Letter from the Nomination Organization (template) 
• Full text 
• CV of the authors (including contact information and nationality ) (template) 
• Author’s acceptance to participate in the contest (template) 
• Summary of the academic work (2 pages) 

*All the rules are mentioned in the Guidelines.

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