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January 16, 2018 Subsribe

SPBILF 2019 News

Professionals from more than 25 countries have already registered up for the SPBILF 2019. Make up your mind and join them! The attendance formats and fees are shown in the Conditions of Participation section.
Please note that the current SPBILF participation fees are effective until 16 February 2019.

Official hotels of the IX SPBILF offer attractive rates on accommodation for SPBILF participants, provide accreditation desks on their premises and shuttle transfers to SPBILF venues.

SPBILF Private Law Prize

2019 St. Petersburg International Legal Forum Private Law Prize will be awarded during IX St. Petersburg International Legal Forum. The members of the Expert Committee of the Prize are currently evaluating the nominated academic works. The shortlist of the Prize will be announced in January-February 2019.

Traditionally the Announcement ceremony of the Laureate of the 2019 St. Petersburg International Legal Forum Private Law Prize will take place during the Welcome Reception, the winner will be awarded during the Plenary session.

Interesting Facts About the SPBILF Hotels

Our partners told us the most fascinating stories about their hotels, we will share them with you in upcoming issues.

Official hotels of the IX St. Petersburg International Legal Forum offer attractive rates on accommodation for SPBILF participants. Hotel reservations is available via your Personal office, see the list of hotels ►

Helvetia Hotel

Star Guests

Helvetia Hotel

A music agency booked a hotel suite for a Russian pop diva. The rider came with a set of fairly standard requirements: an executive suite, air temperature in the rooms had to be strictly 23°C, etc., but these were followed by “All windows and window-frames securely draped with black fabric. No joints or seams. One hundred percent light-proof at any time of day.” To me, this was a totally new one.

I called the manager in the morning, asking what the black draping on the windows was for. Their answer left me in shock. It transpired that the diva had undergone numerous plastic surgeries. Among the several surgeries that had gone wrong, one had caused irreparable damage to her eyelids, so that even the tiniest sliver of light disturbs her slumbers.

We decided to leave the window apertures alone. Instead we scotch-taped each windowpane individually with black garbage bags, the thickest kind.

The diva’s stay was a success. In fact, she turned out to be a modest, tactful and intelligent person. Over the years, I have discovered that the more successful, professionally fulfilled and sought-after a celebrity is, the fewer tantrums and demands of “special treatment” you get. The real stars are exceptionally hardworking people. They have had to work really hard for their success – sometimes to the detriment of their health and personal life.

Helvetia Hotel

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