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December 26, 2018 Subsribe

Dear Colleagues,

It is now time to sum up the results of the year 2018. We are going to share them with you in this issue.

But first and foremost, the SPBILF participants and partners wish you a merry Holiday Season and a Happy New Year! Here are their wishes firsthand ►

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Dear Colleagues,

This year we have realized with the utmost clarity how our own concept of the practice of law has changed under the impact of the massive transformation brought about by digital technology. Artificial intelligence, robotic systems, electronic documents… All these and other new arrivals have positively transfigured the legal profession as we knew it.  

Another testimony of this was provided by Legal Forum ‘2018, where the questions of digital technology in the field of legal services were broadly discussed along with the new opportunities, challenges and risks that digital technology brings into the legal services world.  

As far as insolvency law is concerned, digital transformation is only in its infancy. But I strongly believe that 2019 will be the year when digital technology, to rephrase the words of Ostap Bender, will stop being a luxury and become just a means of transportation around the challenging world of insolvency process. I trust that tools such as our own Bankro.TECH will be of assistance in this.

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! Be happy in the coming year!

Evgeny Akimov

Managing Director and Head of Recovery Enforcement and Insolvency, PAO Sberbank

Dear Colleagues, Friends,

The departing year gave us no dearth of meaningful achievements, enriched us with valuable impressions and experiences. I wish you and those close to you economic stability, self-confidence, successful completion of all your beginnings and, last but not least, good health!  Let the inbound year bring us all much joy and great opportunities to show professional excellence! Let us embark on a new journey, with renewed vigour, in 2019 and attain such heights that will let us experience the full measure of pride for our profession!

Elena Demina

Senior Partner, Delcredere

Dear Colleagues,

2018 was certainly the year of the football World Cup in Russia. It is amazing how, on the one hand, the World Cup brings together the world’s best footballers to contend with each other for the top trophy and the recognition and fame that come with it, and, on the other hand, offers a great opportunity to learn best practice from your colleagues.  In this sense, the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum is a lot like the World Cup except that, fortunately, it happens in Russia annually, so the Forum’s guests benefit from the opportunity to meet and share ideas and expertise with their colleagues from around the world every year. Yet another feature that the World Cup and the SPBILF have in common is their world-class organizational excellence, which is a great source of pride for the hosts of both highlights and a prime example of professional excellence in teamwork. 

Let us hope that the year 2019 brings a no lesser harvest of success, even bigger ambition, and continued openness to new opportunities and partnerships.   

On behalf of the Russian Arbitration Centre of the Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration, and on my own behalf, let me extend the warmest greetings to all our friends and guests of the Forum on the occasion of the coming New Year and Christmas. I wish you all great health, prosperity in your families, and, last but not least, professional growth!

Andrey Gorlenko

Executive Administrator, Russian Arbitration Centre, Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration

Dear friends and colleagues!

We worked hard this year. I am sure that everybody has something to be proud of. Interesting projects, cool teams and our personal achievements.

Never before our legal profession has changed so rapidly. "The best way to remain consistent is to change with circumstances," Churchill thought.

Let's follow his wise advice!

I wish all of us be ready for a change and enjoy it!

Oxana Balayan

Managing partner Hogan Lovells (CIS)

Dear SPBILF participants and guests,

On behalf of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia and on my own behalf, I wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas.

I must say that the Saint Petersburg International legal forum in 2018 was an entirely new experience for me and I was delighted to take part among all distinguished guests and participants.
Every year, this eminent Forum grows and that is the best proof of your hard work and advocacy for better international legal cooperation.

I wish to extend my congratulations with the hopes that the SPBILF tradition continues in the future, as well as wishing you all professional and personal luck in the upcoming year.

Yours sincerely,

Nela Kuburovic

Minister of Justice of the Republic of Serbia

Dear colleagues, organizers and guests of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum!

New Year’s greetings to all professionals in the field of law from the International and Comparative Law Research Center! We wish you success in all of your endeavors, many interesting projects, and positive changes in all aspects of life!

In the past year, we talked a lot about the future of the legal profession. We are pleased that the events carried out by the Center at the SPBILF, which were devoted to the issues of cross-border insolvency, FinTech, ecology, etc., are of interest to the professional community. We are sure that while the Forum gathers so many passionate and ambitious professionals, the future of the profession will be bright! The Center will continue on discussing the most burning and pertinent topics with the leading experts and participants of the Forum.

Look forward to seeing you all at the SPBILF-2019!

Victoria Manko

General Director, International and Comparative Law Research Center

Dear Delegates and Guests of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, Colleagues,

Greetings on the occasion of the approaching New Year and Christmas!

We are greatly honoured to be partners with the SPBILF, one of the premier international forums for serious discussion, addressing most topical issues and challenges of legal regulation in the energy sector and in the mining and use of natural resources. Every year this Forum assists its delegates with numerous tasks, setting up effective interfaces between the state, the legal services community, entrepreneurs and NGOs.

The year now coming to an end was a challenging but exciting year that brought us closer together and made us stronger. It is now time to turn this page on the calendar and face the New Year 2019 with a smile and with confidence in a better future.

Let the New Year bring happiness and success to you! Let all your dreams come true!

See you all at next year’s SPBILF!

Viktor Nesterenko

President, PravoTEK School, Chair of the Board of Trustees, TEK Law and Economics Foundation

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year on behalf of the Russian Corporate Counsel Association! Let the flame of our hearts keep the legal professionals community warm, enabling a loving and creative atmosphere!  

In 2018 the RCCA marked 15 years of that day when a few corporate head counsels came together for a meeting of minds. Today the RCCA lists over 100 major corporations among its members, which help and support each other. We have worked hard all these years to bring in-house counsels closer together, and we remain useful and much needed by our members and the entire community of legal professionals.

The RCCA signed up as a strategic partner for the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum from day one, and we are proud of it! At this early date, we are already busy with preparations for the next Forum, sending out invitations to people to attend our discussions.

Happy New Year to all our colleagues! Well-being, prosperity, joy and lots of smiles in the New Year!

Alexandra Nesterenko

President, Russian Corporate Counsel Association

Dear Friends,

The end of a year is the time when you look back and you make plans for the future. The departing year was a great year for Pepeliaev Group: we moved into our own office building in the centre of Moscow, opened another office in the Far East, and launched a few more practices and lines of business. It was not an easy year, but we coped well with all the challenges. As the excitement of the upcoming holiday sweeps over us, we look ahead with confidence. What awaits us? Ever bigger challenges, ambitious projects, great ideas… And yes, the new SPBILF! December really is the right time to start getting ready for it! 

Happy New Year and see you in St. Petersburg!

Sergey Pepeliaev

Managing Partner, Pepeliaev Group

2018 is coming to an end. We all had to face serious challenges and overcome great hardships. It is safe to say that although we have achieved a lot, there is still a lot to be done.

These vibrant times do not allow us to twiddle our thumbs. We all are changing. In the drive to change the life of our consumers for the better, Philip Morris continued its successful transformation journey.  This year we implemented a project associated with the localisation of manufacturing in Russia and launched the manufacture of our innovative products at a factory located in the Leningrad Region. We are proud of our progress but are not going to be complacent.

Lawyers are the prime engine of many processes. This is true not only for our company. We are becoming the driving force of business and social changes. I am sure that everyone in his/her respective field and all together may attain prominent results no matter how ambitious our objectives and purposes are.

In the coming year I wish everybody success, perseverance, determination and the ability to rejoice over victories and to learn lessons from mistakes. See you on the discussion forums of the St Petersburg International Legal Forum in 2019!

Olesya Trusova

Vice President & Associate General Counsel for Eastern Europe, Philip Morris International

Dear Friends,

It is a pleasure to give you my New Year’s greetings, and to wish you many warm, heart-to-heart encounters at this, now traditional, springtime highlight, the International Legal Forum!

Fedresurs is already busy debating and planning the International Insolvency Forum session on the challenges in the work of insolvency commissioners. We are open to new ideas for discussion topics, and will be delighted to see you at our session.

In our hopes of improving the efficacy of insolvency proceedings, we have high expectations from insolvency practitioners. Let the coming year see at least some of these hopes become reality, and let the balance between practitioners’ revenues and responsibility gravitate more towards equilibrium.

My wish to you is that you spend your Holiday Season in a way that is good for you, building up stamina for more success stories in the year ahead of us! 

Age, libertate decembri utere!

Alexei Yukhnin,

Project Leader, Fedresurs

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