Certificate for participation

Please be aware that the submission of applications for SPBILF Certificates has been closed.

Non-personalized Certificate is a comfortable way of payment for the Delegate’s participation in the SPBILF 2018. Certificates are available till January 15, 2018

Certificate Benefits

  • Non-personalized Certificates are available for an unlimited number of persons representing one organization. Certificate holders can be selected shortly before the Forum
  • Early payment at a reasonable price
  • Certificate makes an exceptional themed gift for your clients, partners and colleagues

How to purchase the Certificate?

Step 1. Please fill in the contact details of the Person, purchasing the Certificate. Confirm the email address.

Step 2. Select the Delegate Packages and indicate the quantity of Packages. You can purchase SPBILF Delegate Packages in unlimited quantities.

Step 3. Choose the type of payer and a payment method. Proceed with the payment according to the terms of the received proforma contract. You may see all the ordered Certificates in the Certificate Purchase section of your Personal Office.

Step 4. Get your Certificate in the Purchased Certificates section of your Personal Office. Please, forward the Certificate (or its number) to your colleague or client who you would like to present participation in SPBILF to.

Step 5. Remind the certificate holders that they should register for the VIII SPBILF till April 30, 2018, inclusive.

Terms of Certificate Purchase

1. Certificates for participation in SPBILF can be purchased by any legal entity or individual in unlimited quantities.

2. One Certificate grants the right to participate in SPBILF to one Delegate.

3. Delegate Packages can be purchased as Certificates at both full and special prices. Additional discounts are not applicable to the Delegate Packages purchased as Certificates. Special price is available only for the Delegates who meet the conditions outlined in the section “Conditions of participation”.

4. Certificate is purchased at the price of the Delegate Package current at the moment of purchase. Thereby, the price does not depend on the moment of registration of a Delegate who will use the Certificate.

5. The registration of a Delegate who will use the Certificate as a payment for participation in SPBILF is to be accomplished till April 30, 2018, inclusive.

Full terms of Certificate Purchase and Use are available in the section “Information” of the Personal office if the registration is completed.