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Business Programme

Business Programme

SPBILF Business Programme, alongside with traditional legal subjects, will include a whole range of topics related to the most relevant novelties of law and economics. Among speakers of the upcoming Forum are the leading experts and practitioners in different fields of law, Russian and foreign officials, world-known scholars and, also, heads of legal departments of global companies.

Official Programme

Plenary Session

Plenary Session 'Vaccination by Law'

Official Programme Events by Thematic Tracks

1. Smart Society

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1.3. Artificial Intelligence (to be specified)

1.4. Artificial Intelligence: Regulation (to be specified)

1.6. Impact of Digital Transformation on Financial Market (to be specified)

1.10. International E-document Flow: Drivers and Challenges (to be specified)

3. ESG

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3.1. ESG as Modernization of Principles of Law (to be specified)

3.3. Green Agenda for Financial Market: Legal Issues (to be specified)

6. International Law. International Justice

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6.1. Russia and the Council of Europe: 25 years of Pan-European Legal Space (to be specified)

6.4. Protection of Children's Rights in the Context of Cross-Border Family Conflicts

6.5. International Environmental Law: Overview and Perspectives

7. Public Law. Constitutional Law

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7.1. Lecture by Valery Zorkin, Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation 'Returning of the State: Law Context'

8. Culture. Science. Education. Sport

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8.3. Sports Law (to be specified)

8.4. Presentation 'Russian Language Issues in Legal Cases and Procedures' (to be specified)

9. Private Law

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9.1. Estate Separation: Trust-Based Assets Protection (to be specified)

9.2. Concept of the Insurance Law Reform (to be specified)

9.3. Obligations in Post-COVID Era (to be specified)

10. Insolvency

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10.2. Settlement with Creditors and Other Contracting Parties in Insolvency Procedures. Current Issues and Possible Solutions (to be specified)

10.3. Insolvency of the Wealthy: a Secret Behind Foreign Assets

10.4. Insolvency Reloaded

Satellite events

*The programme may be subject to change

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