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In 2019 the Forum brought together over 5 000 participants from 95 countries from all continents. Roughly 31% of participants were barristers and legal counsels; the same stands for heads of legal departments of leading companies. Another remarkable group of guests were state authority officers (accounting for 15% of Forum participants) and law school representatives (10%). The business programme events were also attended by judges, representatives of notary offices, international organizations and associations.

Over 80 delegations of foreign Ministries of Justice, Supreme and Constitutional Courts attended SPBILF events on official visit. 13 Chief Justices of Constitutional Courts, 11 Chief Justices of Supreme Courts, 12 Ministers or Deputy Ministers of Justice were foreign guests of honour at the Forum.

The following international organizations expressed their interest in the SPBILF programme: The Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH), the UN Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), the Council of Europe Human Rights Directorate, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN Human Rights), the European Court of Human Rights, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Venice Commission.

The Forum's business programme covered discussions on practical legal issues, matters of national and global legislation, and the challenges that lawyers face in the modern world. Over 120 business events, including discussions, lectures, presentations, talk shows, and conferences, took place within the Forum framework. A new track on Pharmaceutics has been introduced this year, where experts discussed intellectual property in pharmaceutics, legal issues of medicine circulation and the development strategy of pharmaceutics in the Russian Federation through 2030. The forum key events include discussion on the new draft legislation on control and supervision reform participated by Konstantin Chuychenko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

Aleksandr Konovalov, Minister of Justice of the Russian, delivered the concluding address of the Forum.
‘We believe that SPBILF produces benefit and results. We reiterate that the quality of discussions is our major result. With time, however, the Forum is bound to emerge into a high-profile framework to demonstrate and test new studies and technologies in law enforcement, as well as new practices; the latter would promote the demand for new technologies in our continuously transforming world. We hope that over its second decade the Legal Forum will see breakthrough times in the history of this project. It is essential that the project is continuously changing, whereas an array of formats, introduced in the early years of the Forum, are now used on an all-year-round regular basis. <…> My hope is it will stay like that in the future,’ the Minister concluded.

The next St. Petersburg International Legal Forum (X Forum) is a jubilee forum scheduled for May 19 to 23, 2020.

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