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6.2. Meeting of the Interstate Technical Committee 545 'Forensic Science' – 'Problems of Standardization in Forensic Science Activity'

Track: 6. Litigation and Arbitration Practice


Modern legal proceedings place great demands on quality of forensic science activity, using of uniform technical language, providing a quality management system in the forensic science institutions. Active work with representatives of the CIS countries on development of cooperation in standardization of forensic science activity on the Eurasian space is carried out now. In 2016 the Interstate Technical Committee on standardization (ITC 545) «Forensic science» was created, maintaining the Secretariat of ITC 545 is assigned to the Russian Federation. It appears that in general the holding of the meeting of the ITC 545 will cause considerable interest among representatives of forensic institutions and national standardization bodies. For participation in a meeting are invited lawyers whose activity is connected with an assessment of proofs, management and didactics in the right law.

It is planned to discuss the following subjects:

  1. standardization of forensic science activity as one of mechanisms of ensuring formation of uniform scientific and methodical approach to implementation of forensic production;
  2. a role of standardization in the international accreditation of forensic science laboratories;
  3. activity of Interstate Technical Committee on standardization (ITC 545) «Forensic science» as instrument of creation of the Eurasian forensic science space;
  4. discussion of standardization experience at the international accreditation of the forensic science organizations;
  5. discussion of features of the national legislation on standardization at implementation of forensic science activity on the Eurasian space;
  6. harmonization of requirements of legal proceedings and development of interstate and national standards in the field of forensic examination: opportunities and restrictions.


Georgiy Omelyanyuk

Deputy Director, Russian Federal Centre of Forensic Science of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

Current position

Deputy Director of the Russian Federal Centre of Forensic Science of the Russian Ministry of Justice

Education, academic degree

Higher education, Dr.Sci. (Law)

Professional experience

He is one of the leading scientists in the field of scientific and methodological support for forensic expertise, and as well he is actively working to standardization of the forensic activity, employing the modern quality of the forensic activity. Since 2011 he is the Deputy Director of the Russian Federal Centre of Forensic Science of the Russian Ministry of Justice, deputy of head ITC 545 Forensic Science.

Specialist area, professional interests

Forensic science activity. Doctor of Law, assistant of professor on "Criminal trial, criminalistics and forensic sciences; operation-searching activity."

Achievements, rewards

Awarded the departmental awards of the Interior Ministry of Russia, the Russian Ministry of Justice.

Publications, scientific works

He is an author of more than 200 scientific articles on criminalistics and forensic science actual problems, including in the field of quality management systems in forensic science.


Ivan Boldyrev

Executive Director, AAC ’Analitica’

Sergei Evmenenko

Deputy Chairman, State Forensic Examination Committee of the Republic of Belarus


Current position: Deputy Chairman of the State Forensic Examination Committee of the Republic of Belarus

Education, academic degree: In 1981 he graduated from the Minsk Medical School No. 1, in 1990 - the Belarusian State University named after V.I. Lenin

Professional experience: In 1984-1989 he worked in the Institute of bioorganic chemistry of Academy of Sciences of BSSR; in 1989-2013 he held various positions in the Expert and criminalistic center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – from the expert to the First Deputy Chief of the State expert and criminalistic center Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic of Belarus; in July, 2013 he was appointed the Deputy Chairman of the State committee.

Specialist area, professional interests: Forensic science activity (forensic examination). He performs the general management of the main department of criminalistic examinations and the main department of special examinations of central office of the State Committee. He organizes maintaining criminalistic accounts and collections. He is the Head of the Body for certification of office and civil weapon and ammunition to it and organizes carrying out tests of office and civil weapon and ammunition to it on compliance to safety requirements. He is the Chairman of Interdepartmental Scientific and Methodical Council.

Achievements, rewards: Medals "For Faultless Service" III and II of degrees.

Publications, scientific works: Author of 5 published works, 2 improvement suggestions in the sphere of biological researches.

Ramiz Gasanov

Head, State Committee on Standardization, Metrology and Patents of Azerbaijan Republic

Zhibek Kairzhanova

Head of the Department of organizational and control providing, Kazakhstan Center of Forensic Science

Sergey Kuzmin

Associate Professor, Russian Peoples’ Friendship University

Artykul Momukulova

Head of the Accreditation Laboratory Department, Centre of Accreditation of the Ministry of Economy of Kyrgyzstan


Current position: Head of laboratory accreditation department

Education, academic degree: Higher engineering

Professional experience: In the technical regulation area - 34 years, including in accreditation - 17 years

Specialist area, professional interests: Accreditation of Forensic experts

Achievements, rewards: Certificate of Honor of Kyrgyzstandard, Ministry of Economy, Kyrgyz Accreditation Center, Russian Academy of Standardization, Metrology under the Russian technical regulation

Medal: of Kyrgyzstandard "For merits in Standardization and Metrology"; of Interstate Council for Standardization, Metrology, Certification for the Development of Interstate Standardization, Metrology and Conformity Assessment.

Certificate of Honor of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in recognition of special merits before the state.

Breastplate: Excellence in Economics.

Patvakan Voskanyan

Deputy Director, National Bureau of Expertises of Armenia


Deputy Director for Science of National Bureau of Expertises, the Republic of Armenia

Education, Academic degree, Academic status:

Engineer Chemist-Technologist, PhD in Chemistry, Senior Researcher

Professional experience:

Engineer, Junior Researcher, Senior Researcher, Head of the laboratory, Deputy Director of “Plastpolymer” Scientific Research Institute, Yerevan, Armenia (1973-1998); Executive Director of "Plastpolymer" Yerevan Scientific Research Institute (1998-2013); deputy director for science of the National Bureau of Expertise, the RA (2013- present); Chairman of the Technical Committee No. 9 "Chemistry" of the National Institute of Standards of RA (2008- present); Chairman of International Technical Committee of the CIS -218 (2010- present); Chairman of the Technical Committee No. 9 "Chemistry" of the National Institute of Standards of RA (2008- present); Member of the International Editorial Board of the scientific and technical journal "Plastic masses" (1999-2003); Chairman of the State Examination Commission in SEUA, specializing in "Chemical technology of organic substances" (2001-2014)

Areas of specialization, professional interests: synthesis and technology of chemicals, including polymers and plastics based on them; International cooperation in combating illicit drug trafficking; Innovations in forensic studies.

Merits, awards, achievements: co-chairman and member of organizational committees of more than 30 international and regional scientific conferences, symposia, etc.

Publications, scientific works: over 175 scientific publications, including scientific articles, abstracts, author's certificates and patents.

*This schedule may be subject to change