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3.5. Code Vs. Lex: Law as an Algorithm – the Existence of Laws in the New Technological Order

Track: 3. Smart Society


Analysts predict that in 20 years, only one in 500 lawyers will still have his or her job, whereas the rest will be replaced by the AI. Digital reality is penetrating all aspects of our lives and already now businesses are reducing transaction costs by automating legal processes and removing the unnecessary intermediaries from it. Another issue that is relevant for public authorities is algorithmisation of policy-making and regulatory harmonization procedures for draft statutory acts.

In such conditions, legal community has no other choice but to spearhead these dynamic changes and review the regulatory mechanisms and language in line with the requirements of the new technological paradigm in which professional lawyers are yet to find their role and place.

Regulatory algorithmisation is related to a wide array of issues that have been the topic of global discussions for several years now, but have not been adequately addressed in our country. Ethical and technical barriers; issues of balance and trust; limits of establishing automated legal algorithms; principles and requirements based on which a new “language” of regulation should be developed; analytical models of law enforcement practice; scenarios, stages and risks of automation in various legal systems – these are the issues that are going to be addressed at the session.

The discussion will consist of two parts:

  • general theoretic issues, matters of policy-making and legislative change;
  • industry-specific cases related to demands and practices of specific markets and relevant legal models.


Igor Drozdov

Chairman of the Board, Skolkovo Foundation


Nikolay Averchenko

Chief Legal Counsel, Skolkovo Foundation

Artem Karapetov

Director, Law Institute "M-Logos"

Andrey Kolosovsky

Director of the Corporate, External and Legal Affairs Department, Microsoft Rus

Ettore Lombardi

Associate Professor of the Law School, University of Florence

Igor Kondrashov

Vice President - General Counsel, Sberbank SIB

Denis Novak

Deputy Director of the Department of the Economic Legislation, Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

John Flood

Professor of Law and Society, Griffith University Law School

Brian Swanson

Vice President, Cognitive Services, DataSkill

Anton Vashkevich

Managing Partner, Simplawyer

*This schedule may be subject to change