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3.1. Robots and Lawyers: New Horizons of the Profession

Track: 3. Smart Society


The Discussion Session is organized by MegaFon

The 7th St. Petersburg International Legal Forum to be held from May 16 till May 20, 2017 will include the panel discussion “Robots and Lawyers: New Horizons of the Profession”. Sergey Pereverzev, Legal Director of PAO MegaFon, will act as the moderator of the panel.

Information technologies are rapidly penetrating the legal domain. Moreover, new technologies make one of the key factors changing legal professions. IT introduction has resulted in legal content dissemination, interdepartmental communications, better dialogue with clients and, which is the most important — with court. Legal research systems, computer workstations, electronic documents and suchlike IT solutions have claimed their places in our lives.

IT solution for legal industry may be conventionally divided into three groups. The first includes services “digitalizing” work flow, providing for data storage and protection. The second consists of solutions facilitating auxiliary processes: billing, task management, scheduling. The third includes the services developed especially for lawyers. They are the systems to which regular routine may be assigned.

Present-day lawyers are ready for robotization. To get information on cases and companies is not enough for them, they need an instrument that would help to manage the data: search, filter, analyze, get statistics, draft reports. Legal software developers are already focused on data analysis and use Machine Learning, AI and neural networks for the purpose.

The panel discussion will cover the following subjects:

  • IT solutions implementation to enhance legal work efficiency.
  • Predicative law procedures: expectation-driven servers for lawyers.
  • Computer-aided legal work based on Machine Learning and Big Data.


Sergey Pereverzev

Chief Legal Officer, MegaFon PJSC


Steve Crown

Vice President - Deputy General Counsel, Microsoft

Mikhail Ilyin

Head of Corporate Law Projects, S&K Vertical

Till Kreutzer

Partner, iRights.Law

Alexey Pelevin

Founder, Pravo.ru

Alexander Savelyev

Legal attorney, IBM Eastern Europe/Asia Ltd.

Holger Zscheyge

General Director, Infotropic Media

*This schedule may be subject to change