Cultural programme

Welcome reception

Date: May 18, 2016

Time: from 19:00 to 23:30

Welcome reception started with an opening concert of the State Chamber Orchestra "Moscow Virtuosi" in recently opened Pergamon Hall in the Small Hermitage. Guests were also invited for the night tour to the Hermitage and for a cocktail.

Venue: The Small Hermitage (37 Millionnaya street)


“Moscow Virtuisi” Chamber Orchestra was founded in 1979 by an outstanding virtuoso violinist Vladimir Spivakov and a group of his friends and artistic associates, mostly winners of international music competitions, as well as soloists and section leaders of the best Moscow symphonic and chamber orchestras. Thus, the highest performance standard was set up from the very moment of the orchestra’s establishment, which justified its claim for a rather ambitious, at a first glance, name of “Moscow Virtuisi”. The long years of the orchestra’s creative life witnessed an arduous but joyful consolidation of virtuosi musicians, each of them being a bright personality, into a world-class, finely-organized musical ensemble with its own performance style and a huge repertoire from Bach to Schnittke.

A genuinely European manner of ensemble performance, care and concern for tiny details and nuances, solicitous and creative interpretation of author’s ideas, bright artistic talent and love both for the pieces performed and for the audience make the “Moscow Virtuosi” Orchestra distinctive from a number of other chamber orchestras. The Orchestra stands away from aesthetic escapism and arrogant attitude to listeners who might have come to the concert quite by chance. Among the most important goals the “Moscow Virtuosi” have always considered the task of exciting the audience emotionally, enthralling intellectually every listener, even an ignorant one, endowing them with the pleasure of enjoying musical masterpieces, and evoking the desire to come to chamber music concerts again and again. Reportedly, the main unsurpassed result of the active creative activities of the renowned ensemble is original musical education and inspiring the interest of several generations of young people and numerous neophytes with the highlights of chamber music.

Ever since the “Moscow Virtuosi” Orchestra was founded, Vladimir Spivakov, an outstanding violinist and conductor, benefactor and prominent social figure, has been its artistic director and soloist. It is because of Maestro Spivakov and his over quarter of a century work with the Orchestra, the “Moscow Virtuosi”, undoubtedly, ranks among the best chamber orchestras of the world with their own grateful audience everywhere and it is enjoying the highest reputation that has been acquired by years of persistent and creative work.

Date: May 19, 2016

Time: from 20:30 to 00:00

Legal Street Evening is a series of unique thematic events in the heart of Saint Petersburg.

Participants were invited to visit the most famous dining street in the city to meet old and new friends in an informal atmosphere.

Information about the Legal Drink 2015 is available at link.

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Venue: Rubinsteina street

Sparkling Party
Я ♥ Питер, или Оторвемся по-питерски! / I ♥ Petersburg, a.k.a. Let’s Have It St Petes’ Style!
Вечеринка «Made in Silver» / Made in Silver Party
Квартирник Pepeliaev group / Pepeliaev Group's House Concert
Вечеринка Pen&Paper / Pen&Paper Party


Gala dinner

Date: May 20, 2016

Venue: Small Hermitage (37, Millionnaya st.)