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Cultural Programme

Every year St. Petersburg International Legal Forum offers its guests a breathtaking cultural programme.

On June 18, the first day of the Forum, the Gala Concert took place in the Mariinsky theatre featuring masterpieces of the Russian classical music. The Gala started with a star performance by leading singers of the opera company. The audience admired symphonic fragments and arias from famous Russian composers’ operas as well as performance by Ulyana Lopatkina, Prima ballerina at the Mariinsky theatre and world ballet star. The festive evening finished with the Russian buffet where guests were offered the most popular specialties from Russian Cuisine.

On June 19 guests made a boat trip along channels and rivers of St. Petersburg. During this water tour one could not only admire the city views, but also visit the main museums of the city. Another compliment for the Forum’s participants was an exclusive evening opening of the State Hermitage so that after the workshops the guests could enjoy the richness of unique collections and gorgeous interiors of one of the most splendid world museums.

Besides, the delegates visited the famous Russian Tsars’ residences – Catherine’s Palace and Peterhof, and took part in a rich excursions programme.

The culmination of the cultural programme 2014 was The Scarlet Sails show, the world famous massive event celebrating the end of the school year.

The tradition of this annual celebration was set up in Saint-Petersburg in 1969; in 1979 it was discontinued but then revived again in 2005. In 2014 The Scarlet Sails celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The symbol of the festival is a boat with scarlet sails, image from the popular book “Scarlet Sails” by Alexander Grin incarnating youth, hope and the power of dreams. As the boat sails along the English Embankment and the Admiralty Embankment towards the Winter Palace, spectacular fireworks, numerous music concerts, and impressive water show start.

The celebration took place on the night of the 20th / 21st of June, the fairest white night of the year, when the sun barely went down. The city-center was turned into the fabulous scenery for the festival: a few music venues were set along the Neva River, on the Palace Square and near the Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange and Rostral Columns. Entertainment included various events not only on the earth, but on the water and in the air as well.

The Scarlet Sails show is officially acknowledged as a hallmark of the city. Every year numerous tourists strive to come to St. Petersburg to see this significant and spectacular festival.

During the show the Forum’s gala dinner was held in the very heart of St. Petersburg – premises of the Peter and Paul Fortress.