Cultural Programme

Welcome Reception. May, 16

The programme of unforgettable evening May, 16 included a concert by Denis Matsuev — one of the most remarkable pianists of our time — at the Grand Philarmonic Hall. Worldwide recognized virtuoso performed a special

Denis Matsuev
programme “Denis Matsuev presents...” Music lovers had a chance to listen to classical pieces in his own jazz arrangement and to classic jazz music. Denis Matsuev represents an incredible fusion of classic and contemporary — he is changing along with his music. No wonder Denis Matsuev’s concerts are so popular all over the world. He has an outstanding talent which makes his music a language understandable for everyone. When his concert starts no one knows how it will end, but everyone is sure that it will be a pure pleasure. Denis Matsuev enjoys improvising and does it brilliantly.

Ulyana Lopatkina

Moreover, Forum delegates had a unique evening in Mikhailovsky theatre, one of the oldest and most stunning St. Petersburg Theatres. They watched one of the most recognized and world renowned ballet dancers, Ulyana Lopatkina performing the unique program, prepared exclusively for the delegates of the Forum. Ulyana’s performance, the history of Russian Ballet, is dedicated to the great Russian ballerinas Anna Pavlova, Galina Ulanova and Maya Plisetskaya, legendary Russian Dancers worshipped by the connoisseurs around the world and representing the three epochs of Russian Ballet.

On the big theatre screen the delegates could watch recorded performances by the greatest ballerinas of the past, including such gems of the Russian Ballet repertoire as “Russian Dance” (music by Tchaikovsky, choreography by Petipa), 7th waltz from “Chopiniana” (music by Chopin, choreography by Fokin), “Melody” (music by Gluck, choreography by Messerer), “The Death of Rose” (music by Mahler, choreography by Petit) and of course the world masterpiece of the choreography, “The Dying Swan”, performed by all the three ballerinas at different times of their life.

The Welcome Reception was held in nearby Grand Hotel Europe, the historic venue often described in Russian Classic Literature.

Fireworks performance at the final of Gala Dinner

Gala Dinner. May, 17

The first day of the Forum was crowned with a gala dinner in Mikhaylovsky Castle — one of the most amazing and mysterious places in St. Petersburg. Once an Emperor’s palace, this fabulous place, which became the residence of First St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, saluted our guests again. The evening concluded with a spectacular fireworks performance.

Russian Style Dinner. May, 18

Closing dinner for the Forum delegates was conceived as a Russian style dinner. The guests experienced legendary Russian hospitality and unique culinary art. Traditional dishes of the Russian cuisine in combination with rousing tunes of folk music and songs created a unique atmosphere of the evening to enjoy after the intensive work.