Business programme

Plenary session

“Legal policy in the 21st century: new challenges for law in a global context”

Round tables

  • Mechanisms of Realization of Open Government Initiative in a Legal System
  • Fighting against New Threats to Security: Balance of Rule of Law and Police Efficiency
  • Investing in Subsoil Resources: Legal Aspects
  • New Tendencies in Civil Law
  • Legal Protection of Architectural Monuments and Development of Modern Cities
  • Legal Framework of the WTO: Now with Russia
  • Legal Regime of the Internet: Freedom or Security?
  • Struggling Corruption: National and International Legal Instruments
  • Development of the International and National Justice: Challenges, Reforms and Prospects
  • Pro Bono and Legal Aid: Finding the Balance between Government Support and the Private Sector
  • Antitrust Regulation in Global Economy: Experience of Russia and Other Countries
  • Internal Revisions in Tax Law Practice. Perspectives of Administrative Procedures of Dispute Resolution
  • EU and EurAsEC: New Legal Reality
  • How can Governments and Regulators Manage Cross-Border Legal Practice?
  • Business Disputes Involving States and State Actors: International and U.S. Law Perspectives on Sovereign Immunity and Liability
  • Lobbying
  • Mediation – Resolve the Dispute without the Court Procedure: From Minor Claims to Ecological Catastrophe
  • International Legal Aspects of Enforcement of the Court Decisions
  • International Commercial Arbitration: Issues of Arbitrability and Execution of Arbitral Acts
  • Notariat as the Instrument of Economic and Social Development
  • Patent Law in the Global Economic Competition
  • Legal Issues of Migration in EurAsEC
  • The Legal Institution of Public and Private Partnership: is there any Potential for Development in Economic Crisis?
  • Legal Aspects of Government Institutions Activities for Sovereign Wealth Funds and Sovereign Debt Management
  • Legal Aspects of Tax Administration of Transfer Pricing
  • Legal Aspects of International Trade Relations: What should Experts Know?
  • Professional Ethics in Legal Profession
  • Role of Law in the Economic Growth
  • Modern Criminal Policy in Economic Crimes: National and International Instruments
  • Social Networks and Mobile Applications: Challenges & Opportunities for Legal Regulation in Russia and Worldwide
  • What to Teach in a Law School: Philosophy of Law or Legal Writing?
  • Energy Efficiency Policy in Modern World: International and National Legal Regulation
  • Legal Guarantees for the Proper Medical Treatment
  • Compliance: International Practice
  • Marketing and Promotion of the Business of a Law Firm
  • New Trends of Application of Private International Law and National Law of Different Countries to International and National M&A Transactions
  • Legal Aspects of Exhibition Activities and Cultural Heritage Protection
  • Legal Department under Globalization. Russian and International Experience
  • Showcase

Conference “Modernisation of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation”

  • Plenary session

Round tables

  • Intellectual property
  • Corporate law
  • Contract law
  • Property law
  • International private Law